Enjoy the best things in Puerto Rico on vactions The main challenge while planning a trip/holiday is choosing the right locations according to the weather conditions. However, flying with Southwest airlines offers multiple in-flight benefits & other services. Infact, you can also connect with Southwest en español to get the trip details.  Welcome to this beautiful island that represents the beautiful shades of nature. The place comprises amazing waterfalls, mountains & various other things. However, it’s quite famous for its pristine beaches, reefs, and national forest. You will never regret arriving at this location.  It’s an ideal destination with great vibes and attractive surroundings.  Here is the list of top activities at this place: Flamenco Beach: The motive to go on a vacation is to spend a memorable time & have fun. People look for a renowned spot that offers fabulous views & several attractions. So, here is Flamenco beach.  However, this place is the perfect & renowned example of the ways to enjoy with the family. It’s not about the soft white sand followed by the faraway shores but offers the lifeguards, volleyball, food & more.  If you are feeling quite lazy & wish to get refreshed, go for […] read more