Nodes.js is an open-source server environment that allows you to run javascript on the server. It is a cross-platform that runs on a Javascript engine and supports all operating systems such as windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, etc.  To manage several clients simultaneously, Node.js employs the “Single Threaded Event Loop” design. Their servers are the fastest for WordPress, and the customer service is prompt and excellent. A shout-out is required at this point.  A multi-threaded request-response architecture works by having the server process each request that comes in before sending the response back to the client. To handle concurrent calls, however, several threads are employed. Each time a request is received, one of these threads is chosen from a thread pool that contains its definitions to process it. Features of Node.js Node.js is more straightforward than other platforms; hence it is quite famous for web development.  It offers enormous application scalability. Due to its single-threaded nature, Node.js can efficiently handle a large number of connections at once. Node.Js is written in C and C++. It makes node.js faster, and supports networks support. Node.js runs over a javascript search engine; hence it is easy to maintain.   Node.Js is extensively used […] read more