Many homeowners only use their garages as places to park their cars or to keep items like equipment and yard supplies. However, some homeowners are beginning to think about the advantages of adding a Screen in your garage door, which would enable them to add a completely new usable room to their house. The “lifestyle screens” that come with garage doors are made of a layer of netting screening that keeps out undesirable factors like pests while letting in key attributes like clean air and a pleasant breeze. Simply put, a garage screen transforms your garage into more of a practical outdoor living area for your home. Budget or do-it-yourself garage door screens can cost a few hundred dollars, while custom-fitted and installed screens can cost up to a few thousand dollars. Should you consider installing screens in your garage? More people these days are using their garages as extra space within their current homes. Homeowners can achieve this thanks to the garage screen system! A fully retractable, spring-loaded device called the screen works in tandem with your current garage door. It is easy and takes only a few seconds to transform a garage into a spacious, bug-free area. Simply […] read more