India is one of the largest marketplaces for game producers, particularly for mobile games that use the Android operating system. Here is a list of the top mobile games available in India.

Many people are looking for Indian alternatives after a broad ban on mobile apps and games with ties to China was implemented in India. Additionally, there are already a number of Indian mobile games that are offered in the domestic market, despite the fact that several Indian game developers are working nonstop to create new games to fill the hole. Let’s look at a few of the most well-known ones today.

The top mobile games in India

Here is a ranking of the top mobile games made in India.

 Ludo King

One of Gametion Technologies’ most well-known mobile games, Ludo King, has more than 100,000,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. It is a cross-platform, free-to-play strategic board game that supports two to four players. The game is accessible on the Kindle, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone operating systems.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a kind of card games used for gambling that have its roots in the Indian subcontinent. Most age groups in South Asia play the game, which is highly popular. The majority of players also refer to the game as “flash” or “flush.”

Indian Rummy

Another well-liked card game that is comparable to Teen Patti is Indian Rummy. The game offers players a variety of configurations that replicate the best casino rummy experience. You may play Indian Rummy with people from all over the world, including your closest friends.

Carrom King

Over 10 million people have downloaded this famous smartphone game from Gametion Technologies. It is a multi-platform board game with multiplayer that features two game styles, Freestyle and Black & White. Additionally, it provides a variety of chests and distinctive gifts.

SamOsa 2. O

SamOsa – 2.O is a Skytou Studios automatic gun shooter. You can play through a number of challenging missions in the game’s story mode. Players are given the duty of defending their chicken from the evil Osa while navigating several bosses in these missions.

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

The well-known cricket game WCC2 by Nextwave Multimedia features both an online and offline multiplayer option. More than 100 batting animations and a range of bowling motions are included in the game. For cricket enthusiasts, it also offers some in-game purchases.

Sudoku King

One of the top puzzle games for mobile devices is Sudoku King. It delivers a Sudoku game experience and is likewise created by well-known Indian programmers Gametion Technologies.

MiniJoy Lite

Over 10 million people have downloaded MiniJoy Lite, a well-liked mobile game by YOLO. It enables users to play games, enjoy daily activities, and communicate with friends.

Guardians of the Skies

A thrilling game of air combat with detailed graphics is called Guardians of the Skies. Additionally, it has an arcade mode that you can access by completing the first several missions.


From the Missing Link Trust, the adventure game Missing is accessible in a variety of tongues. The player takes on the role of Champa and is immersed in the brutal prostitution industry.

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

Action game maker Threye: Military Games created Indian Air Force: A Cut Above. Both squad versus. squad and free for all are available game types, and it offers a variety of difficult tasks.