It’s possible that the cartridge position was out of alignment because my printer is printing crookedly.

It’s pretty annoying to be unable to print while working on a task!

The majority of clients claim that reinstalling the printer driver was necessary to resolve the problem.

How to handle Why is the printing on my Toshiba printer backward?

Make sure the papers are not being fed in an uneven manner. The most frequent cause of my printer’s faulty printing is as follows:

Always double-check the paper tray’s alignment. Since the paper tray fits unevenly, a piece of paper could occasionally cause problems.

Before you begin repairing the printer, make sure the paper tray is clean and free of dust.

1. Print a test page first.

Check to see if the problem only occurs while printing or copying from the ADF if your Toshiba printer is having difficulties printing straight.

To confirm this, adhere to these guidelines:

Step 1: Print a test print. Make one copy if you see that the print is not distorted. Place the test print, facing up, in the ADF.

Step 2: Change the paper guides to match the width of the print.

The document will become more symmetrical as a result.

Step 3: To begin, select Copy Mode and then Color Start.

Step 4: Make sure that documents with ink printed on them are adequately dry, prevent tugging the paper while feeding, and avoid utilizing documents that are wrinkled, folded, or glued.

Step 5: Make sure the paper is mounted correctly and complies with the stated standards.

Step 6: Remove the paper tray and properly position the back paper guide.

Check to see if the issue has been fixed. Otherwise, proceed to the next set of workarounds.

Visit the Toshiba Service Center in the USA page as well to get answers to all your questions.

2. Repositioning the printer

If the alignment is configured incorrectly, you may experience problems while printing.

Make sure the paper tray is set up correctly. You may swiftly realign the cartridge using the “Tools” option.

Remove the duplexer, then replace it to make sure there is no paper jam.

The following are the steps:

Step 1: Before removing the duplexer from the Toshiba printer, make sure there are no paper jams.

Step 2: Prior to re-insertion, confirm that it is positioned correctly. Make sure to clean the duplexer of any dust.

Step 3: Press the Setup or wrench buttons on your printer.

Step 4: From the Tools menu, choose it. You can go to the Align Printer option by pressing the right arrow key.

Step 5: Choose a course of action and click “OK.” After the message “Aligning cartridges” appears, wait a while.

Step 6: The printing process will begin automatically after it is finished. Print a paper right this second to check if this has any effect.

3: Repeat step 3 to install the printer driver.

This is yet another method that is usually employed to resolve the printer not printing correctly issue. There’s a chance your printer’s driver is out of date.

Defective drivers may give you problems. The software could be removed and reinstalled to solve the issue immediately.

I’m referring to how to uninstall the printer driver and then reinstall it. The following are the steps:

Step 1: Open the search box and enter “device” in the first step. Your Device Manager should now open.

Step 2: Check the Device Manager for the “Print Queues” option.

Step 3: Restart your computer after deleting the printer driver.

Step 4: After a complete restart, Windows will automatically install the printer driver.

Step 5: Navigate to Device Manager and then the Actions tab of the faulty printer driver that isn’t there. From the menu, choose Scan for Hardware Changes. Finally, go to a nearby Toshiba repair facility if you are unable to address the issue.


Use the most recent drivers at all times to avoid further problems.