Home design consideration that you need to focus

Color determines style


The tone of the bedroom should be quiet and harmonious. For example, a bedroom with a large area can choose a wide range of wall decoration materials. Any color, pattern, paint or wallpaper in warm and cold colors can be used. For a bedroom with a smaller area, the selection range is relatively small, and floral patterns, warmer tones, and light patterns are suitable. Various decoration methods Paint, wallpaper, TV wall, curtains, scenery, hanging pictures, hanging decorations, hand-painted paintings, etc., can add color to the white walls of the bedroom, adding a sense of style, not monotonous. Of course, if you want a unique effect, it is best to hand-paint or graffiti yourself. the


Consider price comparison


When choosing bedroom wall decoration materials and decorations, you must fully consider the effect of the place. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it must be good. The most important thing is that the style is coordinated and the feeling is warm and comfortable.


Consider comprehensive factors


When choosing bedroom wall decoration materials, factors such as bedroom size, light, furniture style and color should be fully considered, so that the selected decoration materials are in harmony with the indoor environment and style in terms of color and pattern. the


Color Matching Suggestions


Generally speaking, the bedrooms of the elderly should choose cool colors such as blue, green, dark red, etc., and the patterns should be delicate and elegant. The color of the children’s room should be novel and bright, and the patterns should be lively and vivid. Young people should choose novel, unique, cheerful and relaxed patterns. If the room is dark and the light is insufficient, it is best to choose light and warm colors. To sum up, the color of the bedroom wall decoration material should be light and elegant. Too strong color is generally difficult to obtain a satisfactory decorative effect, so you should pay attention to it when choosing it.

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