The Hindu University of America offers classes in Hindu-based philosophical systems that emphasize critical thinking, morality, and introspection. It trains students for service, leadership and engagement in the world by promoting Hindu culture and traditions in an academically independent environment. Hindu University of America offers many courses such as Vedic courses, Sanskrit language courses, Vedic studies courses, Hindu Veda. This course is both a celebration and an in-depth analysis of the artists who opened the eyes and ears of the West to the treasures of Hinduism.

Exploring Hinduism – Divinity and Dharma identifies the various deities of Hindu deities and how Hindu thought evolved as science, spirituality, symbolism, philosophy, religion, ritual and tradition This is the second course in a series entitled Exploring Hinduism, which will help you understand the art and culture. This course also sheds light on an important Hindu concept called Dharma. It helps to see and understand this fulcrum on which Hinduism and all other religions of Indian origin were founded and which forms the common thread that binds them all together as the world’s legal order.

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