Zhang Chenxiu of rebirth

“No, what if you ignore me and my brother falls out with me?” “Don’t tease you. Look at all the malted milk.” Yingying, how long have you been out? Why don’t you come over to my place? Zhang Chenxiu paid the money and turned to greet Chen Yingying. Anyway, I have a lot of time. Do you think they all come out for an hour like your brothers? “How can you compare with their combat squad? Let’s go and sit over there for a while. You can help me bring something to my brother later.” Zhang Chenxiu said as he pushed Chen Yingying to his parking place. Don’t push me, I came by bike! Chen Yingying is in a hurry, her bicycle is still there! I see. My bike is here, too. Zhang Chenxiu loosened his hand and ran to his bicycle: “Let’s go.” Chen Yingying also pushed out her bicycle and followed Zhang Chenxiu. As soon as he got home, Zhang Chenxiu went to the kitchen and brought out the honey water he had soaked when he went out. Sit down and drink some honey water. Chen Yingying was not polite to Zhang Chenxiu either. She picked it up and drank it fiercely. The weather was hot, and she was sweating all over her bike. Come on, it is said that people’s hands are short and their mouths are soft. How did you get familiar with my brother? Listen to your tone. Zhang Chenxiu sat solemnly in front of Chen Yingying, posing as a judge. That one As soon as Chen Yingying heard that it was about Zhang Chenxi, her face was redder than before, and she lowered her head and looked at a loss. Leniency to those who confess and severity to those who refuse, Yingying. We are so familiar with each other, you should be honest, and I don’t want to torture you. Zhang Chenxiu looked at her and immediately put on a well-intentioned face and began to persuade her. This Chen Yingying lowered her head and began to speak. The thing is, Liu Yin this person also do not know how to return a responsibility, with Zhang Chenxi on the bar, make their company people are extremely disgusted with her do not care, can not drive away. If this is replaced by someone else,Edible oil filling machine, so persistent interest in everyone will feel good, but now the problem is that Zhang Chenxi is not interested in Liu Yin, Liu Yin will not grasp that degree, clinging to death, making her own people see people annoying also do not know, every day to ask where Zhang Chenxi is. Chen Yingying this person is timid, even if likes also only dares to like secretly,water bottling line, although everybody knows that she also likes Zhang Chenxi, but she is afraid to say. Zhang Chenxiu that went to the army to meet the two of them, or Liu Yin dragged her to go together, so the last time Chen Yingying was so shy when greeting, but also let Zhang Chenxiu misunderstand that she can install it. One day before, in order to avoid Liu Yin, Zhang Chenxi helped the soldiers of the cooking squad to clean up the vegetable field. Chen Yingying happened to go to collect folk songs and met Zhang Chenxi, who was watering the vegetable seedlings at that time. She couldn’t help taking a picture and was caught by Zhang Chenxi on the spot. Also is so inexplicable one to two, two people are familiar, Zhang Chenxi this person usually has something to say to people, in addition to occasionally chat with Zhang Chenxiu. Once unexpectedly chatted with Chen Yingying for a while, he was almost provoked by Liu Yin, but also directly said that if Liu Yin is a man, he must want her to look good! Chen Yingying was startled, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,water filling machine, and platoon leader Zhang, who usually wears a smiling face, was also very horrible when he lost his temper! Chen Yingying, who was usually timid, said Liu Yin for the first time in the office of the group newspaper. Everyone knows that people in the 14th Army are often transferred to the battlefield. Their regiments are relatively close to each other and they go there many times. This affects the daily life and training of the soldiers. If any accident happens to the soldiers on the battlefield, who can bear the responsibility? Who has the ability to shoulder that responsibility? Liu Yin was shocked by Chen Yingying that time, but after that, Liu Yin did not go to Zhang Chenxi again, and Zhang Chenxi after knowing what had happened, the impression of Chen Yingying was better than before, even his comrades-in-arms felt that Chen Yingying was good, sensible, although looking a little timid, one by one began to see the success of their two things. This is what Zhang Chenxiu asked when he went to the company. It was because I had a quarrel with Liu Yin that she didn’t affect your brother’s training any more. And then we got to know each other. “So Liu Yin won’t harass my brother again?” “I don’t think so. It was said in front of so many people.” “All right, you have worked hard and made great achievements. You sit here and I’ll cook you something delicious to reward you.” Zhang Chenxiu stood up and went to the kitchen to start working, Liu Yin finally’retreat ‘, and if she didn’t know what to do, she would go to find her! Zhang Chenxiu is really doing’some ‘delicious food, because she and Chen Yingying are not big eaters, now in summer, how much to eat, otherwise it is easy to go bad. Yingying, you help me bring some Siraitia grosvenorii to my brother later, so that he can make tea when he is free. “Momordica grosvenori?”? Where did you buy it? “I bought it when I went to the city. I bought a lot of it. You have to share it with me.” “Yes.” Chen Yingying is also not polite, she is so familiar with Zhang Chenxiu, besides, it is not for nothing. Chen Yingying, who was full, went back by bike with Siraitia grosvenorii. Zhang Chenxiu packed up his things and began to draw the key points in the textbook. yuan Zhenfeng’s recent training was too heavy. When he had time, two people could go to get the certificate. Fortunately, the summer vacation was coming, and he would have more time. Otherwise, it would be difficult for two people to adjust their time together. Teacher Zhang, there is a letter for you. Zhang Chenxiu rode past the door and was stopped by Uncle Li in the guard room. Mine Zhang Chenxiu stopped hurriedly. It’s yours, yes. Uncle Li smiled and handed the letter to Zhang Chenxiu. Thank you, Uncle Li. I’ll go back first. “Well, ride slowly.” Uncle Li waved to Zhang Chenxiu, turned around and sat down on the stool at the door. Zhang Chenxiu just roughly looked at the envelope, is sent by Xu Dan, do not know what to do, last time, she quarreled with Li Guo two people, wrote to complain to her, what can she do? Is it difficult to rush over there and beat up Li Guo?! That also depends on whether she can play well or not! I hope this is not a nonsensical letter to complain to her or something,liquid bottle filling machine, or she will be mad. When I got home, I sat down and opened the letter. I couldn’t help laughing as I looked at it. This was not a complaint, but good news. Xu Dan was pregnant!. gzxilinear.com


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