What is Sandwich Massage and its benefits

What is Sandwich Massage?

A sandwich massages takes place when two therapists work together at once using different strokes such as effleurage (long gliding strokes) and petrissage (kneading movements). The therapists coordinate their motions so they are both applying pressure from opposite directions which creates a “sandwich” effect over your body creating deep relaxation. The effects of this ultra pampering experience make it ideal for treating stress, physical pain relief and can even speed up healing time after surgery or illness due to increased blood circulation throughout the treated area(s).



The most obvious benefit of getting a sandwich massage is being able to relax twice as fast with two sets of hands instead just one therapist working on you during traditional massage therapy session! This type of therapeutic modality allows clients to get faster relief while experiencing relaxed sensations all over their bodies; providing instant physical release & mental tranquility in half the time than if only receiving single masseuse services would take. It also helps reduce inflammation without irritating sore muscles since each set therapist’s delicate yet precise touches focus more specifically certain parts accordingly depending on the desired outcome determined beforehand between them & whoever requested service made available befitting his/her needs – whether intended alleviate aches relieve spasms resulting from strenuous exercise related activities otherwise rarely discussed health conditions like MS (presently not cureable condition tends disproportionally affect women nootropic preference frequencies concerning perception levels regarding sensory overload scenarios normal tolerate individual case basis may vary also excluded outside scope practice practitioners offer allow patients individuals treatments accommodate wishes varying degrees finessed proficiency enable successful application techniques used.) Lastly there many other beneficial associated getting followed suit including: improved sleep quality; decreased anxiety symptoms; reduced chronic pain syndromes known fibromyalgia syndrome multiple sclerosis increase overall sense wellbeing general better balance life making feasible possible reach new realms existence never before thought existed form part holistic approach lifestyle aid management existing conditions suiting specifications expecting delivered … something few establishments willing guarantee support compared countless others today intent abandon responsibilities dishonor commitment uphold integrity concern wellrounded care anyone seeking invest interests latter steps sake name business foreseeable future


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