Visit Stiltsville Attractions On Yacht!

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About Stiltsville

The six remaining Stiltsville buildings are a major tourist attraction, as they are well recognized as a Miami landmark. Tours departing from Coconut Grove or Deering Estate can take visitors to Stiltsville by boat or on foot. These six mansions, located in Biscayne Bay approximately one mile from Biscayne National Park, have weathered the test of time and continue to captivate the public imagination today. There was a seventh home till 2021, but it burnt down early last year.

During its heyday in the 1960s, there were around 27 structures in Stiltsville. The remaining buildings were scheduled to be demolished in 1999 after their leases expired, and only due to the community’s efforts was Stiltsville preserved. As long as these structures stay intact, they will be allowed to remain; but, if they receive more than 50 percent damage from a fire or hurricane, they will be demolished.


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