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Beach City is not far from Beach Hill, only more than ten miles away. It belongs to a medium-sized city in the kingdom. Driven by Roddy, the carriage quickly entered the city and drove straight to the castellan mansion. Hua Yun knew that if he wanted to find the best priest in the city at the fastest speed, it was the most appropriate way to find the castellan directly. This is the castle of Beach City. Who are you? Come here. Seeing Hua Yun and others arrogantly parked the carriage directly in front of the door of the castellan mansion, several guards of the castellan mansion immediately came forward and shouted. Hua Yun was too lazy to talk nonsense with the guards, so he took out a token representing his identity directly from his body: “Kingdom Palace Planter, if you want to see the Lord here, don’t go to report it quickly.” “Yes, yes!” The guards were startled by the angry Huayun and walked to the castellan’s mansion in a daze, saying, “What did the man say just now?”? Kingdom. Palace Implanter? Oh, my god Only then did the guard realize that he was startled and hurried inside, the Kingdom Court Planter, who was a big man from the center in the remote city of Beach, Cote Province! Recalling the pressing momentum in Huayun’s previous speech,facial recognization camera, the guard could not help shivering all over, and his footsteps could not help walking faster. The Earl of Manhattan was taking a nap at the moment, and as a man in his fifties who was only staying in a remote city like Beach City, it was all his work to walk around the city every day and deal with his official duties. He also knew that the position of the Lord of Beach City could be said to be the end of his career. There was no one above him. It is impossible to have another chance to be promoted. Now all he has to do is to conscientiously complete his work, as long as there is no big event, basically it can always stay in this position,temperature screening kiosk, as to how to make the people in the city richer, how to make this remote city more prosperous. It was no longer what he thought, and the ruthless years had long worn away his ambition. The Lord of the city is resting. What are you doing here? The guard who went to report was stopped by the castellan’s bodyguard at the door of the castellan’s room. When people get old, they are prone to insomnia. Others don’t know, but these bodyguards all know. The Earl of Manhattan hates it when his rest is interrupted by others. If there is nothing particularly urgent, he would rather deal with it later than waste his rest time. Outside the mansion, there is a man who claims to be the kingdom’s court planter who wants to see your excellency! Replied the guard, bowing hastily, in front of the Lord’s bodyguard. They dare not offend these humble guards at the gate. Palace Implanter? The two guards were slightly stupefied. For a remote city like Beach City, the court was too far away from them. The two of them had been with the guards in Manhattan for nearly twenty years. The biggest official they had ever seen in the kingdom was only the governor of the province. Court planters, digital whiteboard price ,facial recognition thermometer, although they may not be as good as governors in the kingdom, are in the position of the kingdom. That’s only high but not low. The two guards immediately entered Manhattan’s room and woke up the sleeping Manhattan. Manhattan, who had been woken up, looked unhappy, but he did not say anything. He knew that his two bodyguards, who protected him, understood his habits. There was no real event that would not wake him up at this time. After hearing the guard say that a palace planter wanted to see him at the gate of the castellan’s mansion, Manhattan trembled all over, and the sleepiness that had surrounded him was suddenly startled. Hurry! Hurry. Go and take him to the hall. I’ll be right there! Manhattan hurriedly ordered, and without the help of the maid beside him to change his clothes, he hurriedly put them on. I’m the Earl of Manhattan, Lord of Beach City. I don’t know how many of you are here. I’m really sorry for the loss of distant welcome. As soon as you enter the hall. Manhattan first apologized to Hua Yun and others, and then kept his eyes on Roddy, who was promoted to the holy rank and had an extraordinary bearing. Who knows if these big shots would be unhappy because they came out late. Hua Yun took out the token that Lessent had given him from his body and threw it on the table in front of Manhattan. “Don’t say too much nonsense. Several of us were seriously injured in the carriage outside. You should invite the best priest in Beach City right away.” Now Huayun has no time to be polite with Manhattan, and Talia and others are still lying in the carriage outside. Seeing the token that Hua Yun threw on the table, the corner of Manhattan’s eye suddenly jumped. It was a jade token, exquisite, engraved with the words of the court’s honorary planter carved with magic charms. When he saw those words, Manhattan jumped in his heart, and he couldn’t help thinking of the announcement issued last two months. It seems to say that the kingdom has added a young honorary planter. This token is true at first sight, there will be no fake, and no one dares to fake it. Manhattan, who found himself mistaken for someone, felt a little embarrassed. Seeing Hua Yun’s appearance, he knew that the injured person must have a big identity or a very close relationship with Hua Yun. He immediately ordered his servants to invite all the famous priests in the city. Then he sent the token back to Hua Yun and said respectfully to Hua Yun, “Master, since someone was injured.” That must be extremely inconvenient in the carriage, there are a few empty rooms here, it is better to let a few adults go in to rest, it is good to recuperate! Manhattan did not know why Huayun and others appeared here, he just knew that Huayun and others were probably injured in Beach City or the place under his jurisdiction near Beach City, otherwise Huayun would not have come to find himself, with this idea in the heart of Manhattan immediately uneasy. Manhattan also knows that he must not hang the chain now. If this matter is handled well, there may not be any reward. But if it is not handled well, it will be a big problem. If those people really have problems here,outdoor digital signage displays, I’m afraid it’s just a small matter to lose their position. Just as well Hua Yun nodded, even if Manhattan did not propose so, he would do so. hsdtouch.com


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