Tough daughter-in-law in the 1980s

When Miaomiao heard that she wanted money, she thought the cake was more fragrant. “How much is it?” Guagua: “It’s full of eggs. My mother says it costs 30 cents if you don’t add anything.” Miaomiao was shocked, “30 cents!” Guagua: “Yes, 30 cents. My mother said she was still losing money and could not make money, because it costs a lot of money to buy stoves and coal.” “What did you eat, child?” The smell was so good that the man couldn’t help asking. Omelettes. My mom sells omelets. There. Guagua pointed out a direction to the man, and then he continued to eat, and by the way, he discussed with Miaomiao the people on the stage. Children look fresh, chattering, not only Guagua and Miaomiao chattering, there are many children here. It’s Guaguamiaomiao. The taste of the egg cake here is so overbearing that it can’t spread around the nose. Xu Xiangjuan is still slowly and leisurely mixing batter, not particularly worried about business, Wu Caifeng holding her grandson, can be worried about it. I can’t see the play I like. Niuniu came to see the play for the first time. He was very curious. Looking at the people on the stage, he waved his little arms and babbled excitedly. Xu Gensheng is not anxious, his task is to look at the dishes and a pot of eggs. Although the dish was cold in the afternoon and not as fragrant as it was when it was hot, it smelled so good that he wanted to eat it with a few chopsticks. How to sell? Three men came together and asked. Thirty cents as a base, ten cents with shredded potatoes or cabbage, and two cents each with bean skins and dried cowpeas. “So expensive?” Although I heard the child say 30 cents, I thought it was a joke,PET bottle Mold, but I was shocked to hear that it was really 30 cents. Wu Caifeng almost wanted to say that it could be cheaper, but remembered that her daughter said that the price would only rise and could not be cheaper, so she had to hold back her words. Alas, I’m afraid people will run away when they hear the price. Eggs are only 50 cents a catty. This cake only uses one egg. It’s not worth it. It’s not expensive. Now we’re all losing money. It tastes good. It’s worth it. You can buy one and cut it for you. The leading man asked, “OK, a dry one with powder, cut it into three parts.” “Fifty cents, scallion or spicy?”? What kind of sauce? We have ketchup and sweet chilli sauce. “What kind of sauce do you two want?” “Is there a difference?” “Can I have both sauces?” Xu Xiangjuan: “There are no two kinds of sauces. We haven’t tried the taste,Vegetable oil filling machine, but we can brush both. We can’t say the taste.” “Tomato, then.” “All right, I’ll do it right away.” Xu Xiangjuan began to do it, and Zhou Chengning was responsible for the cashier and bagging, and received 50 cents in the box. Xu Xiangjuan quickly made an egg cake and cut it into three parts. Zhou Chengning held the paper bag while she shoveled the three parts into it. The amount of dry powder is enough, although a cake is divided into three parts, but it is enough to taste. When the three big boys left, Wu Caifeng exclaimed, “Someone really bought it.” “I’ll buy it with money.” Xu Gensheng continued to fan the cattail leaf fan to prevent mosquitoes from flying over. Expensive sounds a little expensive, but the taste is good, not every day can eat, taste the taste of the head office. The big coal stove can adjust the heat, Zhou Chengning was about to adjust the position of the coal, into a small one, was stopped by his lover, PET blow moulding machine ,Beverage packing machine, “don’t use it first, someone will come soon.” Xu Xiangjuan has noticed that there are several women and children looking here, should be want to buy but dare not come over, afraid of expensive, buy heartache. Children are greedy, thinking that their parents can buy it for them to taste. Pork is now a piece of 61 catties, although Xu Xiangjuan can not take the egg cake and pork than precious, but delicious can definitely be better than the pork made by ordinary families. Several aunts who knew Wu Caifeng came over first and chatted with Wu Caifeng. How much is this cake? Can you sell it? Wu Caifeng knows these people, but she’s not an old sister, and her daughter really sold the cake just now, so she’s confident enough in front of outsiders. Three cents as a base, add cowpea powder and dried bean skin, and add two cents for the same thing. Shredded potatoes and cabbage are ten cents. “So expensive?”? My grandson wants to eat it. Can you sell a cake for a dime? “Why are you asking me? Ask my daughter. I’m not the one who sells egg cakes.” Wu Caifeng took a few steps with Niuniu in her arms. Although she herself is also a person who can bargain, but this person has gone too far, can she still let her daughter suffer? Xu Xiangjuan simply refused, “Aunt, no, our money is clearly written on it.” There is also a sign next to the stall, written by the father of the child, which is very beautiful, but the people who come here to buy egg cakes can hardly read, and those who can read are too lazy to ask directly, let alone those who can’t read. Chapter 57 057 Aunt knew that Xu Xiangjuan was not easy to mess with, so she started with Wu Caifeng. Unexpectedly, Wu Caifeng refused directly and lost face. She simply pulled the crying grandson away. Two or three of the following aunts muttered a few words and left. Xu Xiangjuan did not care, and soon the real second group of guests came, a few middle-aged men, thin, dark face, out-and-out farmers. Each of them asked for a cake, a whole one that did not need to be cut, or a few small ones that needed to be cut and brought to their families to eat. Now there is no rule that eating is not allowed in public places. Even in ten or twenty years, there will be many stalls selling snacks in the countryside. Only now Xu Xiangjuan’s family put it out, some actually brought melon seeds and peanuts, also had dinner, that is, the taste is too fragrant, can not stand to ask the people who are eating the price, can accept to buy. Several old sisters of Wu Caifeng also patronized Xu Xiangjuan’s business when they came over with benches, most of which were to cut a few portions for their grandchildren to eat. They came early, the play had not yet begun to sing, a few actors were preparing on the stage, and a few people temporarily arranged a simple scene. Everyone moved their own bench to sit, the bench looks similar, but everyone can recognize their own, and no one moved it, first come first served. Egg cakes can only be made one by one now,CSD filling line, and gradually more and more customers patronize them. Xu Xiangjuan, who makes egg cakes, can’t be idle for a moment.


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