This host is super fierce [wear quickly]

“Why do you ask me?” Yue Nu looked at Ruan Wu, the jealousy and madness in his eyes were alarming. “I hate you so much that I hate you every night. Why do you ask me?!” Ruan Wu looked at the ferocious look of the moon slave, slightly frowning, no matter how she recalled the memory of the original client, also can not find half a minute sorry for the place of the moon slave. Also be, “month slave laughed suddenly,” you always stand high above the masses, how can you understand how painful I am! Originally, I was also a direct descendant of my own family, but because I was born with damaged meridians and was unable to practice, I became an abandoned son of my family and was exiled from Baidi City at the age of seven to live an ordinary life. That’s all, this is my life, I admit it! But you! Yue Nu couldn’t help thinking of the day engraved in her bones and blood. She was also seven years old. She was rejected by her biological parents and bullied by her peers. On the day she was driven out of the family, she wore a shabby linen skirt and knelt on the ground to beg her parents not to leave her. But Ruan Wu, when she was most embarrassed, Ruan Wu wore a white dress woven by golden silkworms, which was dazzling white in the sun. Those companions who used the worst means to bully her seemed to be a new person, chasing after Ruan Wu flatteringly, as if it was a great honor to be looked at by Ruan Wu. If this is all, she knows that she and Ruan Wu are two worlds of people, jealousy is ridiculous,digital interactive whiteboard, envy is useless. But But she had to stop in front of her in the hearts of the moon, watching her cry in a mess, and then like charity, left her in the ancestral home! She is clearly praying to her parents, what is Ruan Wu?! Why should she let her parents kneel down to thank Ruan Wu instead of giving orders from above?! Moon slave in everyone’s look of course, also knelt down to Ruan Wu, slowly lowered his head,classroom interactive whiteboard, on the ground her shabby gray hemp skirt and Ruan Wu’s brilliant satin white skirt formed a sharp contrast. From that moment on, she was forced to enter the world of Ruan Wu, bowed her knees, became a slave, and never straightened up again. Recalling the past, Yue Nu pointed at Ruan Wu and stared at him with bloodshot eyes. “How dazzling you are!”! A rare genius in the family for thousands of years, a spoiled child held in the palm of the whole family, you never asked me whether I needed your false kindness or not! Or, you don’t care about my feelings at all, I’m just a prop to show your hypocrisy and kindness from beginning to end!!! The month slave accused Ruan Wu, but never thought that she was because she did not want to leave the Ruan family, the original client would be soft-hearted to leave her. Ruan Wu quietly looked at the moon slave, feeling the moon slave as if the real hatred, she could not help but show some pity. The original client has been the favored son of heaven since he was a child. Naturally, he is a little arrogant and not very good at talking, touch screen whiteboard ,interactive whiteboard for schools, but she is really good. Unexpectedly, her good intentions were misinterpreted like this. That look again!!! Moon slave suddenly went crazy to climb up, “don’t look at me like that!”! I don’t need your charity! Your face makes me sick! If it weren’t for you, how good it would be for me to be an ordinary person. I could find a husband who loves me and give birth to a lovely child, instead of being your servant all my life like now! Look at your face, and look at my face! We are obviously the same age, and you are still the first beauty in the mainland that everyone pursues, but what about me? The moon slave crouched on the ground in pain and covered his face. “I’m old and wrinkled. Do you know what the people on the street call me?”? They call me aunt, but they call you girl! You’re proud, aren’t you?! But such words are like knives, poking my heart one by one! For what?! Why can a bitch like you live a good life? What did I do wrong to be so humiliated than you!!! Ruan Wu was speechless listening to the moon slave crying, saying that she was so wronged, but she never thought that the young people who were expelled from the family, like Han Mo, lived in distress, and hundreds of people died before they reached adulthood. Not to mention that although she is Ruan Wu’s nominal maid, but Ruan Wu is like a sister to her, she is superior in the Ruan family, even the three elders can not control. To put it so nicely, it’s just jealousy. While enjoying all the conveniences brought to her by the original client and imagining herself as a bitter little white lotus, Ruan Wu laughed out loud, “So?”? You hate me so much, with my trust in you, you have a chance to kill me, but why do you hurt my children? “Kill you?” Moon slave sneers, “what’s the use of killing you?”! I just want to let your children taste the feeling of falling into the mud from the favored son of heaven! If you can’t pay back what I’ve suffered, let him pay back!!! The moon slave smiled ruthlessly, and his ferocious expression made people feel cold all over. “Since I did this, I have been waiting for this day every day.”. Aren’t you always on top?! Ruan Wu, you must be very painful. The son you hold in the palm of your hand is just what I bought from the slums, while your son has been abused and spurned since childhood, living in the dirtiest place and living a life without dignity. Are you very sad? Isn’t that sad? Ruan Wu could not help but think of Han Mo, her eyes flashed a trace of cold color, flashed to catch the neck of the moon slave, cold track, “shut up!” “Ha ha ha ha!” Moon slave has no hope of life, just want to pull Ruan Wu into hell together, “no matter how painful you are, you are less than one in ten thousand of me!”! I am in such pain that you and the bitch you gave birth to can’t be happy! Do you know? When I took your son’s luck, he was so young, his face was wrinkled, and he almost died. But how could I let him die? I wanted him to suffer. So I saved him and gave him to the woman who exchanged children with me. That woman is really poor, the husband died, the child can not go on, can only give me, I gave her your child,smart board interactive whiteboard, gave her a sum of money, also showed her your portrait. I told her that if you found her, her son would die! Only if she keeps her mouth shut and raises your bitch can her children get a better life. 。


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