There are good pets in the home of online games.

This is the space of the undead. He can do whatever he wants. He can make anything he likes, full of malice or kindness, and show you everything he wants to show. Zi Luolan felt a strong suction behind him, which seemed to suck people’s souls into it, and he saw a white hand in front of his eyes. And he only saw that Anno’s anxious eyes had rushed over. But it was too late, and as he fell into the darkness, all voices disappeared from his ears. Anno watched as Ziluolan was pulled into the darkness behind him by a young man with long blond hair. He ran forward intuitively and found that the road to the throne was so long. He saw an arrow whistling at the undead, but at the moment it arrived, the cracks in space had closed as calculated. The arrow went straight into the back of the throne. Everyone looked at the scene in amazement. It was nothing like what they had planned. I thought it was a BOSS war, but it turned out to be a kidnapping case. “Lilith sighed and said that she went to Anno’s side and patted him on the stiff shoulder.” Well, brother, now that the dead have been dragged, I guess he’s not going to come out. We can go back to the office and see how our experts in the technical department are doing. ” Anno still stared at the throne, or the gap that had just appeared there. But there was nothing there. Come on, Anno,PET blowing machine, he won’t come out if you look at him like that. Lilith said softly. I should have been there for him. Anno murmured. “Yes,” Lilith looked at him and took his hand. “Go back. His body is still in reality. Just pull his consciousness back.” ××× Zi Luolan opened her eyes wide in surprise, then looked down at her fingers. Slender and slender, with unproductive softness. It was a comfortable hall, with fresh flowers and food on the table,plastic bottle making machine, and a woman came in with breakfast from across the room. Ziluolan looked out of the window. It was quiet outside. He could see the plants stretching their branches and leaves. The veins were so delicate. He could also hear the conversation of the early risers. On the opposite lawn, someone was sprinkling water, and the boy on the bicycle threw the newspaper at the door of each house. The sky is blue, and even the sunshine looks so transparent and lovely. Two women, one with a baby in her arms, sat at the light blue checkered table. At the head of the table sat a middle-aged man. He looked a little old, but he was still in high spirits. With a newspaper in his hand, he stared at it and touched the coffee cup with his other hand. The woman with the tray pushed the coffee cup to the man’s hand so that he could pick it up. The man picked it up naturally, still staring at the newspaper, as if there was something worth his attention. After a while, the man looked up at him. “Roland?”? What are you standing there for? Come and have breakfast. Zi Luolan felt that her body did not obey her will, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,bottle blowing machine, so she sat down under the man and began to spread bread. Uncle A tender voice sounded beside him. Zi Luo Lan subconsciously answered, this is his nephew, this year is only five years old. He turned around and picked up his nephew and put him in his arms and tore up the bread he had just spread with applesauce for him to eat. He knew these people well, father, mother, two sisters, and their children. This kind of life is perfect. He even forgot everything for a moment. After a while, a young man with long blond hair came into the restaurant. He naturally sat down beside Zi Luolan and picked up a carton of milk to drink. His father and mother seemed to be familiar with him, and they talked about the gossip of the neighbors last night. Zi Luolan just handed the bread to his nephew, who had a cute smile and two dimples, just like his sister. He bowed his head and kissed his nephew’s soft hair as if it were a fragile work of art. After dinner, his mother and Zi Luolan helped to clean up, and finally he sat on the sofa a little tired. The fair-haired teenager came and sat beside him, fingering his long black hair. “I think you will like it,” said the dead softly. “I have many patterns here.”. ” “My father has died, not long ago attended his funeral,” Zi Luo Lan said softly, and did not stop the little action of the dead, “my eldest sister because of a car accident and lower body paralysis, the second sister is now in prison, the funeral was sent by the prison guards. She has a son who is now in the care of my mother, who is already in poor health. “So shouldn’t you like this kind of life?” The undead approached Zilanlan and put his chin on his shoulder. “Most people like it, so I think you should like it too, or you like the rich life, and you don’t want to see them..?” Zi Luolan looked at her mother busy in the living room, but she was not old at all. Yes, I want to see them and be with them. Chapter 80 Dead fingers are very warm, fall on the face is strange gentle, Zi Luo Lan heard the dead soft voice: “Luo Lan, real and illusory in the end where is the difference, no one knows, those are not reasons..” Here I can give you everything, dead life and everything you want. “…… But Ziluolan bent up and put her chin on her knee. “But I want to go back to Anno.” ××× Anno suddenly came out of the game cabin, the rest of the people are also a face of anxiety,juice filling machine, Carlos has been waiting beside. He looked at the game cabin where Ziluolan was lying and turned to look at Anno. Why didn’t Roland wake up? “He was taken by the dead.” Lilith came over and gave Carlos a push-most of the time, Lilith was polite and very neat. “See if you can cut off the power of Roland’s game cabin and pull him back.” Carlos turned to look at the game deck. Lilith turned her head and looked proud and said, “Has the technical department begun to implant the virus?” 。


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