The Tank Corps Sweeping the Late Qing Dynasty

The infantry of the solemn headquarters of the Chinese New Army defended this 2,000-meter section of the battle line. The fortifications were stacked one after another, and the open and hidden fortresses were located one after another. Especially those hidden fortresses built, because they were equipped with machine guns and even cannons inside, the exterior design was also very ingenious. At first glance, it was very difficult to recognize them. Officers and soldiers in twos and threes walked and observed easily in the continuous vertical and horizontal underground tunnels. The lookout hole was in the right position, and every other section, a soldier was in charge of it full-time. High-power telescopic mirrors are distributed. You can see thousands of meters on the other side of the river through the thick smoke and clouds. The Japanese positions, illuminated by today’s clear sky, were particularly clear and quiet, and the trenches dug by the Japanese army, crisscrossed one by one, cut the fertile crops of the Korean Plain into pieces, which were extremely ugly. All the crops, weeds and woods were cleared away to prevent the Chinese New Army from attacking and storming. A month after the fall of Seoul, the Japanese army, despite its caution, advanced hundreds of kilometers west and north of Seoul. The troops of the Chinese New Army took over from the Korean Army. All the Korean troops who took part in the war returned to the rear to rest. Later, some of them were selected to join the Chinese troops in order to mobilize and contact the local people. Duan Dapeng’s Second Army was in the north and Rong Meier’s Third Army was in the south, respectively, against the Japanese First Army and Fourth Army. Sun Wu group army for the central group, and the Japanese army to maintain a positive state of confrontation, Li Yunlong and the entire sixth group, are all across the Yalu River, came to the vicinity of Pyongyang, as the general reserve for the battle, at any time to support the central forces, after all, compared to Rong Meier and tons of Dapeng troops, after the Pyongyang war, serious losses,water bottle packaging machine, have been upgraded to supplement the local garrison Sun Wu group, The power has been quite seriously affected. However, this arrangement reflects the strategy of confrontation between the Chinese New Army and the Japanese Army. Following the tactics of the German army, the Japanese army has always emphasized confrontation and breakthrough on both flanks, which the new Chinese army has understood from the secret channels of spies and modern knowledge. Li Yunlong’s basic plan was to break through from the side and fight against the Japanese army. Now, Li Yunlong is personally coming to the northern front to look for a route to observe the breakthrough of the strategic strike force. In the telescope, Li Yunlong had a panoramic view of the Japanese positions. Not so good! “Yes, not so good!” “At least the Japanese have learned to dig trenches, but only trenches are too thin.” “Mmm.” Li Yunlong said happily, “I thought Japanese pumpkins were good at learning. If they also built a lot of tunnels and fortresses, our way forward would be much more difficult.” “But, Colonel, there is none here, and are you sure there is none elsewhere?” Chief of Staff Ouyang questioned keenly. Uh Li Yunlong immediately calmed down: “You are quite right. What if this is a game made by the Japanese?” With a rigorous attitude, Li Yunlong carefully observed the Japanese position. He walked nearly two miles in the tunnel. Not out of the tunnel, juice filling machine ,water filling machine, it can be seen that the wide tunnel is really the best way to hide and transport troops. Before Seoul left behind the defense of the Korean Army, the Chinese New Army drew up the position of the second-line defense in the overall operational plan, set up a reinforced fortification belt, and extended the troops of the three group armies forward and backward, and adjusted them to be appropriate. At the same time, after the Japanese troops advanced westward, they approached them with a small number of troops and gradually retreated. After occupying Seoul, the Japanese gradually understood that the enemy they had encountered before was only the Korean army, so they were more cautious. The First Army gathered its main force in and around Seoul and refused to advance any more. Instead, the troops of the Fourth Army, Nozu, crossed Seoul and moved westward along the Han River, relying on the coastline to advance gradually. Its intention is very obvious, once it encounters a major blow from the Chinese New Army and the situation is unfavorable, it can use the seaport around Inchon to retreat quickly with the help of the First Task Force. Kodama marshal detailed analysis of the situation at the front, also more cautious, so, in addition to step up the order of the second army quickly westward, and the first army black wood general, no, now is the marshal, two legions embrace together, has reached three hundred thousand people, such a heavily armed group, can rest easy. The Third Army Corps of the Japanese Army, under the command of Major General Shirakawa, with rare bravery, has come to the area of Chongchon and Chungju, following the pace of the Second Army. In this way, Marshal Kodama’s worries were reduced. In order to urge the corps to cooperate harmoniously, Marshal Kodama also personally took a plane and ventured to Seoul. After several consecutive transfers, the simple seats on the narrow early plane, with only three empty seats, did not shake the marshal’s determination to break down at any time. At the airport in Seoul, Grand Marshal Kodama received a warm welcome from all the senior officers, including Marshal Kuroki, and the officers and men of a regiment lined up in a neat line to be inspected by the Grand Marshal. The whole area around the airport was occupied by orderly ranks, dignified and solemn soldiers, new helmets made in Germany, and all new rifles. Japan’s loud military songs, sung by thousands of soldiers, brought the welcoming atmosphere to a climax. The accompaniment of the military band made Marshal Kodama in a very good mood. The marshal inspected all parts of Seoul, the infantry barracks dozens of miles outside the city, the artillery positions nearby, and the newly built airfields of the air force. Can not help but sigh with emotion. The wheel of fortune in history is finally in our favor! “Hi!” Marshal Kuroki and others, in front of Marshal Kodama, were as respectful as a group of pupils. Kodama listened to the detailed report of Kuroki and others and asked, “If the Chinese New Army attacks or attacks on a large scale, what is your plan and countermeasure?” Kuroki narrated his own set of strategies. Marshal, in the face of our perfect defense,liquid bottle filling machine, the enemy will suffer heavy losses! “Can these basic infantry fortifications resist the human sea tactical charge of the Chinese New Army?” Kodama is most worried about this. First of all, the only choice to defeat such a strong enemy as the Chinese New Army is to remain invincible. He has absolutely no illusion of success in World War I, because he is a professional soldier.


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