The people beside the building are like jade.

Song Liyan was not very happy and turned to sit on the soft couch with his back to her. Lou Siyu gave a cry of “ah”. He wanted to laugh and held back. “You don’t like to hear this,” he said in a soft tone. “Then don’t get angry again when the slave family hasn’t said it. Today the weather is very good, the slave family is not all here for business, there are some devious thoughts, want to ask adults to help. He turned his head slightly sideways, but only sideways, and did not even give her the corner of his eye. He was very proud. She didn’t feel annoyed either. She lowered her head and took out a string of things from her sleeve pocket. She looked at his back and said, “Last time I saw it, I knew the jade spike hanging on your body was broken. Today I happened to see a good one in the street, so I brought it to you. Look at it. Is it beautiful?” Song Liyan stiffened his neck and hesitated for a moment. He was putting on a face. Wouldn’t it be too demeaning to turn back for a little thing? But he was a little curious about what she would buy for him? It’s not easy to get the big shopkeeper to take money out of his pocket. Lord Song? “A handsome man?” “Look back at the slave’s house.” The wind blew in the yard, blowing a burst of jasmine fragrance, Song Liyan’s auricle moved slightly, heard the sound of silk tassels rising and falling, he felt a little hot, but his hands were tied, he could not even pull his skirt, he could only let the heat climb all the way up his face from his collarbone. You and I are not ordinary people. What should we send? Trying to put on an indifferent look, he sulked and solemnly said, “There is no shortage of officers.” Words did not finish, around the law array was suddenly broken, the echo array issued a warning buzz,artificial coconut palm trees, the attack array also turned into numerous swords, straight to the direction of the window in the past. Song Liyan was frightened and suddenly turned around, but what he met was the eyebrows and eyes of Lou Siyu, who was close at hand. She put one foot on the windowsill and leaned toward him, holding the sword in the sky with a golden light in one hand like a dome, holding a small silk tassel in the other hand and stuffing it into his belt. For a moment, everything around him seemed to slow down, his eyes slowly opened wide,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, the smile on the corners of the mouth of the man in front of him deepened a little bit, and his eyes even showed the pride of the little fox. As soon as his eyes moved and his eyebrows were raised, the soft and warm lips pressed on him. In an instant, the nine foxtails flew out of the window and shook cunningly. Song Liyan’s mind was blank, his hands were tied and he could not push her away, and he let her toss and turn on his lips, neither lightly nor heavily, and took a bite. …… You Better than anyone else knows how to take things as soon as they get better. When things are sent, they are taken advantage of. Lou Siyu smiled and jumped out of the window. The snow-white tail disappeared as soon as it shook. At the same time, there was a messy sound of footsteps outside the door. Hearing the change, the people of Shangqing Si pushed the door open, only to see Song Liyan sitting alone on a soft couch with a white, red and black face. What’s wrong Luo Anhe came in to make an inspection tour and his eyes fell on Song Liyan. “What the hell are you doing?” Looking at him indifferently, Song Liyan sat and sulked. He’s still wearing a non-teaching rope, outdoor ficus tree ,artificial grass panels, and he can’t use it at all. How dare you throw your face at him? Luo Anhe looked sideways at the disciple of Shangqingsi behind him. He hummed and said, “I wanted to ask Lord Song for advice, but I was afraid that people would say that I was twenty years older and bullied the younger. Now it’s all right. I’m still seriously injured. I’m 70% of Lord Song. Please give me some advice.” Song Xun, who followed him in, immediately stopped him and said angrily, “Lord Luo, my Lord is imprisoned. Do you want to ask for advice at this time?” His face sank a little. Luo Anhe whispered, “I’m talking to him. What’s the matter with you, a slave?”? Don’t think that if you are given some magic privately, you are also my disciple of Shangqing Si. You are not qualified. “You..” “Song Xun.” Song Liyan called him and said in a muffled voice, “get out of the way.” “Your Excellency?” Song Xun anxiously looked back at him, Luo Anhe this is clearly to take the opportunity to retaliate, how can not fight back to give him the reason? This man is extremely selfish and narrow-minded, even if he is influenced by virtue, he can’t be influenced. Song Liyan shook his head carelessly. Song Xun choked for a while, pinched the scabbard and let it go to the side. He sighed repeatedly in his heart. Adults have been lonely and unapproachable for so many years. Did they stay with the shopkeeper for a long time and have the idea of sacrificing themselves for others? With that untaught rope tied, even if adults have great ability. Before he had finished thinking, the Roan River had set up a boundary to separate the two men from the outside. Chapter 105 this thing of talent. The muddy boundary covered the miscellaneous people, and also isolated the sound outside. Luo Anhe’s face darkened at the moment when the boundary stood up. He looked down at Song Liyan and said, “For the sake of the same door, I’ll leave you two points of face, but I can’t get rid of my hatred.” Song Liyan still kept the posture of sitting on the soft couch, and even the remaining light did not fall to him. He only said, “It’s not so much the accumulated resentment as your own demons, Lord Luo.” “Ha.” Roan River wiped his beard. “What demons can I have?”? Don’t look so superior, knowing that I don’t like it. Aren’t you luckier than me, taking advantage of my own disciples? In terms of cultivation, in terms of vertical amulet, which way did I lose you? His cultivation is not shallow, ranking in the same generation, so many years have not met any opponents, so a little conceited. Song Liyan felt that it was better for him to see clearly earlier than to let him struggle in the mire of jealousy and hatred all the time. He has never been a merciful person, but after meeting Lou Siyu, there have been too many changes, and he has never really fought with anyone, so it probably makes people feel that there is no difference between the lineal and the collateral? This is not appropriate. Luo Anhe did not show mercy, like a demonstration at the same time pinch out three amulets, the fire ignited in the fingertips, three light straight to Song Liyan. He thought very well, only hurt the body does not hurt the face, even if Zhao Qinghuai that old man came, also can not settle accounts with him, and the strength of these three amulets, enough to let Song Liyan no longer dare to look down upon him. However, what he didn’t expect was that at the moment when the amulet light rushed past, three amulets floated out of thin air in front of Song Liyan, and he held his amulet light firmly,silk cherry blossom tree, accurately and ruthlessly. The paper of the amulet was ignited in an instant, and with a “brush” sound, three stronger lights turned back to him.


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