The Infinite Counterattack of Cannon Fodder Female Match

At parting, the empress said to the new Mammy next to her, “Yes, a few days ago, Zhejiang paid tribute to a batch of satin. The moon noble should not have been distributed yet. After all..” I think that color is too gorgeous. Let’s give it to Yue Guiren. It’s just coming to the New Year. There are activities to welcome the Spring Festival in the garden. It’s not good for Yue Guiren to wear such plain clothes. Mammy had been ordered to go, and in a moment she brought out a satin with a red background and a yellow silk thread embroidered with peony and phoenix. Zi Qing was stunned. Only the queen in the palace was qualified to wear red, and the peony phoenix could only be used to repair the clothes worn by the queen. How could she give this satin to herself? Can you wear it? Do you dare to wear it? Is she trying to frame me? Zi Qing held the satin in both hands, the color of surprise in her eyes flashed by, and her face changed into a happy smile, “Yuexi thanked the empress.” With her waist hunched, she stepped back and left. Out of the gate, she still held the satin horse high in her hands, looking very humble and sacred. She shouted to Yirou, “Go back to the palace and invite the yellow moire shirt that the emperor gave me last time. Only the emperor’s reward can be worthy of the empress’s reward.” Helan heard the sound outside, her body trembled slightly, her right hand on the edge of the table, she wanted to sweep her sleeves to vent her resentment, after all,touch screen interactive whiteboard, nothing was done. She can’t show any emotion in her heart, which is also a great accomplishment. Chapter 1068 backhand. Helan really has the idea of using Ziqing. Previously, she took the lead in giving her such a high “honor”, but she did not express it at all, and her enmity with the queen mother seemed. Calm down. I don’t know why, but the queen mother suddenly began to change her attitude, just like. A child suddenly finds a novel toy. As for the steward Mammy who had previously held her in front of her in the palace of Yuexi Ziqing,4k smart board, it was as if it were a trivial matter. Zi Qing really made a two-handed preparation, she learned to think like Aunt yuan, in order to win, rather than relying entirely on brute force to deal with all this twists and turns. After all, she had experienced a lot, and when she really carefully studied all the things in the palace, she felt that she still could not let go of the queen mother as a chess piece. Unexpectedly, his guess was really right. Zi Qing looked at the bright red satin, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. From the memory of the original owner, as well as after he entered the palace, he did not actually get any doctrine that other women in the palace could not wear red, because in the former Dynasty, because the imperial concubines in the harem were dressed too gaudily, 86 smart board ,interactive panel board, he finally issued a series of rules about what position must have what dress. However, because the former Dynasty is the last Dynasty and the present Hejia Dynasty is a connecting process, the current political situation is still very turbulent, the concubines in the harem are actually the daughters of princes from other places to pay tribute, this dress regulation has just been issued by a lot of resistance, and finally nothing. While listening to a corner, Ziqing accidentally broke into a small courtyard that was even more quiet and remote than the Yuexi Palace. There lived a madman in it. She was wearing a red wide-sleeved robe embroidered with peonies and phoenixes. She muttered all day long: This is what the emperor gave me.. Zi Qing asked the old woman who served the madman. The old woman said that this woman was none other than the younger sister of the queen mother. The two sisters entered the palace at the same time and were given the titles of nobleman and Shuyi by the late emperor. The elder sister is good at dancing and reading the past and the present. She made a great contribution to the first emperor’s pacification of the world, and finally abolished the queen. Will now the queen mother for the queen. The younger sister felt that she was younger and even more enchanting than her sister. Why doesn’t the emperor spoil himself more? So one day she put on her sister’s clothes and went to the emperor’s bedroom. Behind the gauze curtain hanging down layer by layer, the figure was hazy. Bleary-eyed, the late emperor mistook her for her sister and probably said something in love. When her sister knew about it, she dressed herself in a mess. Disturbing the order of the harem and locking up his sister in this courtyard. So, let Zi Qing know the other side of the queen mother today. How to say, what would you do if you were yourself? She took one last look at the woman who had put on a dirty and rotten robe, and she still insisted that all that was hers and should belong to her. Zi Qing left without saying anything. Then it became the seed that she went to find the queen mother later, and she didn’t go at that time. Because the first time they “met” was so bad. Gossip skipped, so when Ziqing saw that the queen had given her such a satin. The woman immediately came to her mind. This palace rule is actually a rule and “human feelings” between the free, big things can be small, small things, but if others want to punish you, a small thing may directly kill you. Since you insist on giving this satin, which symbolizes status and status, to yourself, then follow it and let everyone know that it is the queen’s reward, but it is not respectful. All of a sudden the whole harem spread all over, some people are still in the dark, feel that Ziqing is not there to show off the favor of the empress, I am afraid it will not be long before there is a chance to go to bed. Others are holding the attitude of watching the show, the red satin? When she entered the palace, her father told her one thing secretly, and it was a very secret thing. I didn’t think history would repeat itself. Although there is no threat to themselves, but there is no good, the last gift, unexpectedly do not know how to reciprocate, so this time the other party was put together by the queen, she was happy to see a joke, but did not expect the other party to be so high-profile announcement, so, even if later wear out, is also your queen personally reward, even if to punish, I’m afraid this queen is not just “forget the rules of the palace” can get rid of. Zi Qing finally arrived at the queen mother’s benevolent palace, the queen mother said lightly,smartboards for business, “since this is her own reward to you, it means that she took the initiative to let you wear, you can make an exception!” Want to ask Zi Qing is how to fix the queen mother.


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