The husband of the underworld is vigorous

I held my head in my hands to protect it from being hit. The heart said, must keep awake, wait for the roll to stop, I immediately ran out of the car! On the ground, this ghost is nothing! My hands were covered with sticky liquid, and my whole body was so painful that I couldn’t tell where the wound was. I bit my lower lip and told myself over and over again not to faint! But people are always powerless in the face of huge accidents. I am not afraid of ghosts, but I am a living person after all, and I will die in a serious traffic accident! I don’t want to die! My brain is working fast, and I think there is any way to save myself now! At this time, my body fell to the roof of the car with the rolling of the car, the touch was cool, but there was no pain. My first reaction was that Bai Chuheng was coming! “Chu Heng!” When I opened my eyes, I saw a handsome face with a gentle smile, a water God! The water God hugged me from behind and saw me staring at him. He smiled at me and said politely, “Xiaosheng has seen the green girl here.” The car is still rolling! I said, “I’ve already seen it, take me out quickly!” The water God smiled with thin lips and answered yes. I felt my body cool, as if my whole body was immersed in cold water. It was so cold that I shivered. At this time, a pair of big hands covered my eyes,large ficus tree, and a gentle voice sounded in my ears, “Green girl, let’s go home!” “Back..” I want to ask where to go back? I’m not familiar with you, and I don’t have a home! As soon as I opened my mouth, water poured in. This bastard water God really took me into the water! I quickly held my breath. Keren couldn’t hold his breath for too long. When I couldn’t hold it, the water God finally released me. This is the ground. You can breathe. I knew you couldn’t live underwater, so I brought you here. Water Shinto. Even if he doesn’t say it,outdoor palm trees, I can’t hold it. I gasped for breath. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a house, the house of a big family in ancient times. Green bricks and white tiles, nine winding corridors, except for the temple-like houses and the long corridor at the foot, are surrounded by water. The endless clear water makes me in a trance. Is this a house built on the sea? Seeing the confusion on my face, the water God laughed and said, “This is my sacred residence, that is, my temple.” Your temple?! I knew that this was the site of the water temple, that is, the home of the water God. Ordinary people saw the temple, but the water God could walk to the site, but I didn’t understand, outdoor ficus tree ,faux grass wall, “Why did you bring me here?” “Get married!” Water God said very seriously, I suddenly silly, the bottom of my heart rose a trace of fear, thinking about how to escape. “This is the sacred site of the temple. It’s someone else’s territory. And I can’t beat someone else. I’d better stabilize him first and then think of a way.” Didn’t you let me go? You are a God. You can’t break your word. We have helped you protect your descendants. You can’t break your promise! “Of course I won’t break my promise if you protect me.” “Of course it’s protected!”! Chu Heng broke his head and killed a pregnant woman. Your descendants are fine and got a million yuan! I get angry when I say it. Bai Chuheng killed Zi Kun. I was stunned. Water God look still, with a gentle smile on his face, can not see any other emotions, “tonight, the female ghost to find Zikun revenge, but before going, Bai Chuheng has killed Zikun.”. The female ghost’s resentment has disappeared and she has gone to hell. Bai Chuheng also asked Zhong Kui to arrange reincarnation for the female ghost and her sister. This matter, is Bai Chuheng deliberately mess up, since he killed my descendants, let my family die. It’s only natural that I should marry you and open up branches and leaves for my family. Bai Chuheng killed Fang Zikun? Since he wanted to kill Fang Zikun, why did he knock me unconscious and not let me go with him? I was shocked by what the water God said Bai Chuheng had done. But this is not the time to dwell on that. The water God stretched out his arms and took a step closer to me. “Miss Qing, you and I will be husband and wife in the future.”. Lady, let’s go to the bridal chamber. Dong, your uncle! I stepped back warily, “I am a green girl, you see clearly, I am the reincarnation of a green girl, you can’t marry me!” I thought so at first, but the man told me that your three souls did not merge. Then you are not a green girl, and I will not offend that adult even if I marry you. Besides, you have a special constitution, and our children can inherit my divine power, which is the best lady’s choice. I’m not happy that the water God praised me so much. Embarrassed, I shriveled my mouth and thought carefully about what the water God said. Someone told him that he could marry me, and the water God behind me obviously knew who he was. With a smiling face, I asked tentatively, “Lord Water God, which Lord will you offend if you marry me?” 307 God can be lonely. Lady, are you trying to trap me? For the devil? You will be my man in the future, and don’t help him again. And don’t think about him! The clear eyes of the water God flashed a trace of unhappiness. He is a God after all. The feeling of oppression when you are unhappy is still very scary. My heart trembled and I quickly explained, “Lord Water God, I just asked casually, and I didn’t want to help anyone.”. Don’t be angry. Don’t call me Water God. Call me Xianggong or Chuxin. Talking. With a wave of his arm, the green water rippled layer by layer. Lotus blossoms emerged from the water and bloomed in the air. New green leaves. The delicate petals are floating on the water. Beautiful as a fairyland, illusion. The koi fish jumped out of the water, as if celebrating something. A little girl of four or five years old in pink clothes jumped out of the lotus bushes. The little girl was chubby, and her lotus-root-like arms were thrown into the water. Running to the porch, the little girl giggled at the first heart, “I’ve seen the childe.” Then he looked at me again, with a pair of smart big eyes,fake ficus tree, and turned around. Grinning at me. The little girl is very cute. It’s like a fish doll in a New Year picture. It’s very attractive. I’ve seen Madame. The first heart smiled at the little girl, “Lotus son is good, take madam to dress up.” “Yes.” The child called Lian’er reached out and grabbed my hand and dragged me to the house.


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