The heartthrob is fishing again.

They really love each other, and they know that Youhua is the one who has the least identity background, so they praise her without stint. The 3rd girl hissed: “You did not say, arrived dormitory.” The three girls pushed open the dormitory door and found that Youhua was already sleeping in bed, and their hearts were particularly unbalanced. Why do they work hard every day while she is lazy and slippery? Why did they work so hard but not get the teacher’s approval, and she did nothing, the teachers praised her? When the three girls returned to the dormitory, they slept on the upper bunk, turned on the lights, played music and talked loudly. Host, don’t you care? Y717 asked. Youhua watched the movie with relish and answered without a care, “No.” These little girls, the means are too tender, also squeeze out, sneer at a few words, so many cameras stare at, they dare not do too much. So she doesn’t need to pay attention to it at all. She doesn’t need to have a good relationship with them to pave the way for her future, and she doesn’t have the need for psychological communication. These little girls, too, measure others by their own standards. They don’t know how much talent others have been given and how much effort they have made in private. Complaining and jealousy are useless. Only those who are good at themselves can succeed. These three people can’t stay for long. Y717 hesitated, “But in that case, if the host has no friends, will it seem lonely and unsocial?” Youhua smiled softly: “As long as you are strong enough, you are eccentric,smartboards in classrooms, people will say that you have personality.”. All right, stop talking and enjoy the movie. Just as the three roommates were nervous and jealous, they were relaxed and relaxed. They ushered in the next day’s examination. This time, they will face the camera to complete the recording alone. Because only three days were given this time, singing and dancing, coupled with tremendous pressure, many contestants would forget the lyrics and movements during the recording process, and some simply could not continue from the beginning. And the more you care, the more you will play out of order,smart boards for conference rooms, and few people can complete a complete set of movements. The first two players did not play well. They sat on the floor disappointedly, and one girl had red eyes. Here in Youhua, singing is OK, dancing is OK, and a set of movements is shown fluently. Only “Chuntao performed very well, but there were some problems in the management of her expression.” When the judges got the video of the contestants, they commented. Dance teacher He Ling is very low-key, usually rarely make comments, this time also opened his mouth to comment: “Chuntao should be the best rhythm, every movement is on the beat, but this kind of youthful and lively theme song is really not suitable for her.” The trainees of “produce101” are all young girls around 18 years old, and the audience is also young, so the theme song is particularly youthful and energetic, which is very different from the calm martial arts style. Music teacher Cora also commented: “She also sings very well and very steadily. If you don’t watch the video, you can’t imagine her singing while dancing.” Dance teacher Joy also said: “Well, when she dances, her movements are not affected by the song, interactive touch screens education ,interactive panels for education, and although there is no expression on her face, her body language is very youthful.” Qiao Xizhe looked at the four teachers in consultation and asked, “So what is everyone’s opinion?” Cora, the music teacher, affirmed, “I’ll give her an A.” “Me too, A.” Joy, the dance teacher, also made a statement. Zhouzhou, the music teacher, thought about it and said with a serious and responsible attitude, “I think she still has room for improvement. Her expressionless face will make me feel that she doesn’t understand the essence of this song, so I will give her a B.” He Ling does not agree with Zhouzhou’s statement. She was born in classical dance. Later, she was excavated to act because of her beauty. She has always been a powerful person. This time, it was dug up and belonged to another character in the town after Qiao Xizhe. She felt that the purpose of her program was to entertain the public, and there was no essence, so how could she ask people to understand it thoroughly. She said: “I think it’s because of her potential that we should give A more. Her future stage is not only an idol, but I think she will go further.” Idols are like meteors, when the face is old, there will be new fresh flowers to fill in, only the real strength of the people, will go further. In He Ling’s eyes, Youhua is the person who can go further. Qiao Xizhe said with a smile, “I agree with Mr. He that Chuntao has great potential, and don’t you think her expressionless face is cool?” Of the other four teachers, three were women and one was in the deep cabinet. They really didn’t know Qiao Xizhe’s aesthetic. But in Qiao Xizhe’s eyes, the greater the contrast, the more he has the desire to explore, which is much more attractive than the sweet and sexy female artists with facial makeup. Qiao Xizhe picked up the stamp. In this selection, the contestants trained for three days and then performed alone in front of the camera. The judges will grade them again according to their performance and stamp them with new A, B, C, D and E stamps. If you don’t mind, I’ll stamp it. Qiao Xizhe said, holding up the seal of an A. The camera gave the only Zhouzhou who wanted to talk about B. At this time, she also nodded. Then, a bright red a stamp was stamped on the resume again. After the instructors finished grading, they began to announce the new grade evaluation of the players. Some players fell from A, B to C, D or even F, and some players completed the counterattack in this competition. Qiao Xizhe also wanted to tease him, “Chuntao, what are your grades?” He lengthened his voice, created suspense, and then said with a bad heart, “B..” The camera showed several contestants, all of whom looked surprised, and then jumped back to the picture of Qiao Xizhe, who said, “It’s still A?” The camera was given to the contestants again, and they laughed and complained about Qiao Xizhe’s bad intentions. However, the protagonist of the story, Youhua, in Qiao Xizhe’s deliberate appetite,smart board touch screen, stood still, or that calm expression. The bullet screen has been brushed: “In a low voice, I feel that Chuntao has an expression of caring for mentally handicapped children.” 。


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