The favorite concubine is not easy

Wen Shuqing lowered his eyes, revealing only long curly eyelashes hanging under his eyelids, and even the eyes that loved to laugh, the end of the eyes were quietly drooping, no longer as smart and cunning as last time. He unconsciously stroked the bracelet in his hand, pursed his lips, and his eyebrows and eyes were full of entanglement. So, do you have any difficulties? Zhu Yan raised his eyes and looked at her tentatively, his eyes full of curiosity, but he wanted to know what she was afraid of and what she was entangled with? He has self-confidence, everything has him, in this world in addition to landing on the moon, there is nothing else that can baffle him. He was convinced of this. What would you do if, I mean, if there was a person who you knew was not pure to you and was a threat to you and your family? Wen Shuqing lowered her head, her face full of embarrassment, paused, and said, “Will you do it first?” As soon as her words came out, Zhu Yan only thought it was funny and thought it was a big deal, but he didn’t think it was such a thing. Of course, if you know she’s going to hurt you, you shouldn’t give her a chance to do it. It’s better to strike first and give yourself a head start than to guard against it all the time. Zhu Yan narrowed his eyes and spoke word by word, his words full of sharpness. But after all, she hasn’t done it yet, and maybe she won’t even do it. Wen Shuqing suddenly turned her head, and her eyes were clear to the bottom. Zhu Yan was stunned and looked absently into her eyes. Yes, only such clear and dust-free eyes will be entangled. How can there be so many entanglements in the world? All the people in the world come for profit,micro gear motor, and all the people in the world go for profit. Often people are like this, as long as the things that are beneficial to themselves are right and should be done. If it’s not good for him, he really won’t do it, just like himself, won’t he? For a moment he could not help stretching out his hand to touch her eyes. Wen Shuqing was puzzled at first, opened her eyes wide, and when she found his hand stretched out to her eyes, she closed her eyes subconsciously. Sure enough, he gently rubbed her eyelids with his fingers, perhaps because of years of practicing martial arts,24v Gear Motor, some thin layers of cocoons on his hands, slightly rubbing on Wen Shuqing’s delicate eyelids, unexpectedly giving birth to an indescribable feeling. But the next second, Wen Shuqing reached out and grabbed his hand, pulled it down from her cheek, and opened her eyes shakily. She looked at him warily and retreated. If she hadn’t had no place to retreat to the stone, she would have continued to retreat a few more steps. Zhu Yan eyes flashed a trace of funny, helpless way, “you sit so far to do, still do not come over, I can eat you?” Wen Shuqing shook her head and still looked at him like that, but she did not speak, and her full chest fell down together because she was angry. Today she wore a green skirt with a pinched waist, which was very fresh and pleasant, showing her good figure incisively and vividly, and her waist was very slender. The hair was also messy, perhaps because it was just lying in the concave and convex part of the rockery, so the hairstyle was no longer delicate and pleasant. With a trace of messy meaning, the little face is even more angry red, Brushless Gear Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, that pair of white through the red little look, very cute. With a slight snort, he turned his head and stopped looking at her. Ao Jiao small appearance in the eyes of Zhu Yan, not full of smiles, the heart is rare to give birth to a sense of guilt. “I don’t know why I was so obsessed just now that I wanted to touch her beautiful eyes.” All right, it’s my fault. It’s my fault. If you have a lot of adults, forgive me. No, can you forgive me this time? Zhu Yan looked at her in a soft voice, arched his hands to make a picture, and lowered his eyebrows in a pitiful way. Trying to endure for a while, Wen Shuqing did not hold back after all, and burst out laughing and broke the work. Seeing her smile, Zhu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, but he was no longer angry. However, Wen Shuqing quietly looked at him, heart way, if he forgave him so easily, he would not feel very easy to coax ah. Thinking so, he coughed lightly and showed a steady expression on his slightly tender cheeks. “Don’t go again. I’ll forgive you reluctantly this time.” “All right, all right, as long as you calm down, aunt.” Zhu Yan, however, did not care at all and tried to make her laugh with his eyebrows and eyes curved. Wen Shuqing could not help but smile, “um”. I suddenly remembered that I had been out for a while, and yesterday I made an appointment with Xiuxiu to do embroidery work together. Cough, of course, their own craftsmanship is not very good, so to be exact, Xiuxiu taught her to rust the veil. Hello Wen Shuqing thought for a moment, poked him on the shoulder with a green finger, and looked at him with shining eyes. Hello? I don’t say hello. Zhu Yan smiled helplessly, looking at her with a little spoiling in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth and the tips of his eyebrows were full of smiles. In this way, Wen Shuqing stuck out her tongue shyly and asked, “What’s your name?” Zhu Yan was slightly stunned, then smiled, “you can call me Wei Ying.” “Wei Ying?”? You It’s the Wei family, “Wen Shuqing murmured, with a faint gloom in her heart.”. In the Ming Dynasty, the Wei family was extremely respected. In addition to the present Empress Dowager and the imperial concubine surnamed Wei, the former head of the Wei family, that is, the father of Empress Dowager Wei, was awarded the name of the broken army Marquis because of his military exploits. At that time, the Wei family had the ancestral Chen Duhou, a family of two Marquis, which can be said to be very noble. With such an identity, it is better not to be delusional. Just as she was thinking about it, Zhu Yan said, shaking his head and denying, “What are you thinking about?”? I’m not that Wei Shi, but I happen to be surnamed Wei. “Oh, oh, yes.” In this way, Wen Shuqing instant spirit, eyes shallow said, “I call, Wen Shuqing.”. Stop talking, I’ll go first. Then he got up hurriedly and bent over to go out. Why don’t we live together? My name is Su Xiuxiu, and you can call me Xiuxiu. Su Xiuxiu smiled softly,12v High Torque Motor, as if her heart had softened for a moment. She is with Tang Shiya also not what difference, two people are both out of the dust, but faintly different.


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