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Temporarily in charge of the family, but this family is very difficult to be. Loyalty Gang is a new rising gang, which develops rapidly and successively. After annexing and uniting several gangs, he became an upstart on Shanghai Road, with great power and strength. To present In the ability of Tianyi Gang, even if ten bundles are tied together, it is difficult to compete with others. After the downfall of the three Duan brothers, the gang Day by day, the reputation is getting lower and lower, the business is getting smaller and smaller, the chassis is getting less and less, and the brothers below are getting smaller and smaller. It’s almost gone, and now I can’t even keep the only chassis left. Where is the face?! “Alas!” Yu Xiao Huan is bitter. With a sigh, he could hardly find where his face was now, and drank all the wine in his glass. Pick up the bottle and refill the glass. Friends, it’s easy to get drunk when you drink like this. Just as Yu Xiaohuan raised his glass again, a low voice sounded beside him. Sound. He looked up sideways and saw two more people around him, one after the other, in front of him. She was in her early twenties, of medium build, and dressed in a dark blue Chinese tunic suit with a standing collar. She was exquisitely fitted and looked neat. The individual is tall and straight and full of spirit. Look up, black hair, slightly over the eyebrows, a pair of narrow black eyes. Shining, perhaps the bar is too dim, perhaps the reflection of the light,small geared motors, for a moment, Yu Xiaohuan really Seeing the man’s eyes shining, he shook his head and laughed at himself, seeing that he had really drunk too much wine. He took the wine glass Put it down and look around. It’s nearly evening. There are few guests in the bar. It’s obvious that this young stranger Speak to yourself. He put down his glass and asked, “Who are you?”? If I remember correctly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Pass you. “Ha ha!” The young man chuckled, regardless of whether he agreed or not, he pulled up his pants and sat slowly opposite him. Next, he raised his hand slightly, and the man behind him immediately took a clean empty cup,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, and the young man laughed. He took it, picked up the bottle on the table, poured a glass, took a sip, and said with a smile, “No wine.” Wrong From the beginning to the end, the young man did not look at Yu Xiaohuan, and even the latter almost thought he was transparent. He lost his voice and laughed, laughing at himself, laughing at God’s will, really has been reduced to the point where everyone can step on a foot. Even this young man in his early twenties doesn’t think much of himself. Think back to the time when the three bosses were there. Wait, is how the scenery is infinite. As if burning a fire in his heart, he clenched his fist and smashed the table and stood up. He was sitting all right, but when he got up, the whole bar was spinning. Thump, Yu Xiaohuan and nothing. “I thought I wasn’t drunk, but I was,” he sighed. Head up, Parallel Shaft Gearbox ,Small Geared Motors, drunk eyes hazy He looked at the young man opposite and asked, “Who on earth are you?”? What are you here for? “” I’m Xie Wendong, “the young man said with a smile.” “Yu Xiaohuan did not react for a moment and shook his head.” “Nobody,” he said. “Never heard of it.” “Have you ever heard of that?” The young man continued with a smile. Tao. Xiang Wentian?! “Hearing these three words, Yu Xiaohuan’s eight layers of drunkenness suddenly disappeared in half, and his eyes widened.” “Are you from Hongmen?” Asked the young man. “Yes, I am from Hongmen, but my surname is North.” The young man picked up his glass. He took another sip, and although he was drinking, his long and narrow eyes were always staring at each other. Ah! Ah …… “Yu Xiaohuan’s face changed greatly, and he was taken aback. North Hongmen!”! Xie Wendong ? He Rubbing, he jumped up and pointed at Nian with trembling. The light man exclaimed, “Xie Wendong?”? Are you the boss of Beihongmen? Xie Wendong? “” It’s me! “The young man said with a smile.” It’s Xie Wendong who has been having a hard time with Xiang Wenyao. ” Yu Xiaohuan looked at the young man for ten seconds, took a long breath, sat down slowly, shook his head and said to himself. : “No shame, no shame!”! In front of the boss of Beihongmen No one is ashamed. He mumbled no I know what to say. Xie Wendong also does not care, way: “Please go to the bathroom to wash your face, I do not want to talk with a drunk.”. “” Drunkard ? Alas With a wry smile, Yu Xiaohuan stood up, still dizzy, barely holding on to the table, and waved. “Xiao Zhang, come and give me a hand,” he said in a loud voice. As soon as the voice fell, a young man of seventeen or eighteen came running from the bar. Years, first looked at Xie Wendong, look with a trace of curiosity, did not say anything, holding Yu Xiaohuan to the back. Go Brother Dong, can such a down-and-out drunkard live? “It was Jiang Sen who came with Xie Wendong.” Asked in a low voice behind him. Hsieh Wen-tung sneered and said, “I don’t care whether I can live with him or not. Now, I just look at him.” Is there any use? “Time is not big, Yu Xiaohuan walks out, does not use others to help, the step is also a little messy, the hair He nodded to Xie Wendong with a smile and said, “I’m really sorry. I drank a lot just now. Let me.” Mr. Xie laughed. Now Yu Xiaohuan is different from just now. He is conscious and energetic. He’s in his thirties, nose. Straight mouth square, the heaven is full, the appearance is magnificent, gives the human very honest honest feeling. He sat back in his seat. The bottle on the table is pushed aside, ask: “Mr Xie is noble, you won’t come to my this shabby place for no reason.” Have a drink. “Not really,” Xie Wendong came straight to the point and said directly, “I want to think about this bar.” Yu Xiaohuan Lian Shang Yi There is no surprising performance. What kind of person is Xie Wendong? He is the boss of Beihongmen, and his influence is all over half of China. He would not be surprised if he said that he had come to kill himself. “Mr. Xie is delicious,” said Yu Xiaohuan. I should have given you face, but I don’t think the bar is mine. I’m afraid I can’t decide that. “Oh,” Xie Wendong smiled and said, “Now that I’m here, now that I’ve found you, I’m sure. In order to decide. Holding his glass in both hands, he added, “There is no one in the Duan family. You don’t expect the only one to be here.” Will the second brother who escaped come back to revive God’s will?! “As soon as Xiaohuan’s face changed, he immediately returned to normal and said with a straight face:” Second brother Duan used to be my eldest brother,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, and he will be in the future. No matter where he is, no matter whether he comes back or not, this is all.


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