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[All right, I understand. Then my elder brother is the son of a rich family chasing his dream in the film and television industry. My aunt didn’t give him any comments at that time, nor did she clarify the scandal. Later, she didn’t give him any comments. She was just suffering his mind, working his bones and muscles, starving his body and skin, emptying his body, and disturbing what he did. So she was moved to be patient and benefited what he could not..] [Re: Sister’s book recites well] [All right, that’s no wonder that if you like to terminate the contract, you will terminate the contract. If you say you want to leave, you will leave. It’s just a family business. Do you think you are angry?] [Grass? So is our dog brother married and forgot his aunt now? That’s too bad. [Hahahahaha] [Re: What’s.. Yan’s Group and Keshi are both giants on the Forbes list, and they are short of this money?] So the previous insider couldn’t even dig up this kinship? Uh [Reply: As soon as I say this, I suddenly want to give you a screenshot [link to the webpage]] [Reply: Grass ha is a slap in the face. You said that your nephew was said by an old woman. Are you angry? Ha ha. What is chicken hot flower? Ha ha.] [Reply: Do I have to be executed in public? This is. It’s popular with the female boss, but it’s OK.] [Got it, got it, brother,electronic board for classroom, rich and powerful family, your son, stone hammer. Don’t rely on your face to cheat Bai Fumei. My brother is short of your money.] 【……】 According to the speed of this comment gathering, it is probably a control comment, and the rhythm of public opinion is very good. Yan Yu is the little princess of the Yan family, the daughter of Yan Chongmian and the niece of Kelly Yan,smart board for conference room, who is recognized by the official blog of Yan’s Group on Weibo. Once she admitted the identity of Yan’s elder brother, it was tantamount to admitting that he had a brilliant family background and a noble family. Such a person is the rule in itself, and what hidden rules are needed. As a result, the rumors of the so-called female boss of the Platinum Yue Group and the little rich woman of the Star Shadow Period have naturally collapsed. Now that Yan has married the daughter of the Keshi Group, it is very difficult to be rumored that she has sold herself to the upper position and that she is a phoenix man. Wen Chu looked at these comments, can imagine if Yan Kui saw his hard to buy the hot search is now turned into two or three aunt nephew filial piety also sold Yan Kui a noble son of the family, I do not know if it will be directly angry into the coffin. But the most irritating estimate is that Yan Yu actually only admitted that Yan Yu was his sister, and did not recognize the Yan family, but the final effect of public opinion has been enough. Thinking of this, Wen Chu raised his hand to poke the man beside him and asked, “Yan Yu, did you order her around?” “Isn’t it natural for my brother to congratulate him on his wedding?” “Yan raised his eyes and answered grandly.” Who are you kidding? Can Yan Yu’s brain think of this move? Wen Chucai didn’t believe it, 65 inch smart board ,touch screen board classroom, and after brushing his cell phone in his arms for a while, he suddenly poked his head out and looked at him, “I understand.” If you put the proposal yesterday, is it sure that it will be on the hot search today? Yan looked down at her with a smile in his voice: “No, it’s mainly because of the second anniversary of falling in love.” “Didn’t you have to get a license before you recorded the variety show in order to make it public on the show?” Wen Chu frowned, and the more he listened to his pure tone, the less credible he knew. “In this way, no matter whether Yan Yan will black you with old photos or not, you can be whitewashed. Marriage is much more powerful than falling in love. The earlier you appear, the more innocent you are..” “No, I just think it’s better to settle down earlier,” Yan continued to deny, “and I’m not sure when she will terminate the contract, how can there be such a coincidence?” Wen Chu narrowed his eyes and stared at his harmless appearance. Smiling at her eyes like a thief, Yan raised her hand and flicked her forehead, reminding her, “Wife, don’t think about it. I didn’t do anything bad. Even if I don’t clarify, Yan can’t make any waves.” “……” In the end, Wen Chu was really more and more confused by what he said. After snorting sullenly, he said, “I think Yan Yu is right now.” “To what?” Yan asked carelessly, putting down his cell phone. When you grow up, you become so bad that the old pious woman can’t play with you at all. Wen Chu answered, lying back in his bed and reaching out to cover his quilt. Yan suddenly laughed and clasped her waist under the quilt with his palm. “It doesn’t matter,” he said. “If you can play with me..” Then after Wen Chu’s fluttering stopped, he sighed softly: “Although obviously.” You can’t beat me now. …… Today, the crew finished work early. It was only 11 o’clock in the evening when they finished their beautiful nightlife. Wen Chu could have the energy to get up and brush Weibo while applying facial mask. Her current account has turned off the private message function in order to temporarily avoid the limelight. On the hot search, besides # Yan Married # Yan Ju Wen Chu # a runny egg # Heartbeat Diary. There was no big melon to eat, which led her to secretly read someone’s long Weibo, which had been collected by her own screenshots, several times, and each time she was embarrassed. Although I felt it from the time he got the tattoo. But I didn’t expect that after he wrote something seriously now, the poet’s temperament was more obvious. Wen Chu saw that he couldn’t hold back all of a sudden and took the risk of being torn to pieces by all his female fans to forward this Weibo, and pointed out the sentence: “Yan is from Wen Chu.” Then he tore off the mask and threw it into the trash can. As soon as he jumped into bed, he began to pick up the pajamas he had just put on. Finally, he succeeded in biting two bites on his tattoo. What are you doing Yan Ji pressed down her head and asked in a lazy voice. Wen Chu did not reason,75 inch smart board, around the tattoo “Dorren” sucked out a circle of red color, only satisfied to help him buckle back his pajamas, solemnly said: “You are mine.” You are imprisoned on a heavy throne.


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