Seven Weapons-Fist-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

“There is wine in the little cabinet in the corner. There are all kinds of wine, but you’d better not drink it.” “Why?” Asked the pony, of course. Because every bottle of wine may be poisoned, and all kinds of poisons may be a little bit. The pony said nothing more, stood up, opened the cabinet, took out the bottle casually, pulled out the plug and poured it into his mouth, so quickly that he hardly breathed. A bottle of wine was empty, not only did not taste whether the wine was poisonous, but also did not taste the taste of the wine. The person behind the door is sighing: “Such good wine, be drunk so by you, it is bastard eats barley really, ruined grain.” “It’s not the bastard who eats barley, it’s the turtle who eats barley.” The pony is correcting her words. And she smiled.. Laughter like a silver bell: “So you are not a bastard, but a turtle.” The pony smiled, too. He couldn’t tell the difference between a tortoise and a tortoise. He suddenly thought the woman was very interesting. Meeting an interesting woman without a drink is as boring as playing chess with yourself. So he took out the bottle again, and this time drank more slowly. The woman after the door says again: “There is a hole on this door, I am taking a bath inside, if you are drunk,silk ficus tree, but must not peep.” The pony immediately put down the bottle and soon found the hole above the door. I heard a girl taking a shower in the room, and there was a hole in the door. Most men wouldn’t miss it. Even if you can’t find it, you have to find a way to make a hole, even if you want to hit it with your head, you have to hit a hole. He peeked with one eye, and at one glance, his heart almost jumped out of his cavity. There is no woman in the house to take a bath. There were at least seven or eight women bathing in the room. Seven or eight young women,fake ficus tree, their young bodies strong, their breasts full and firm. Youth is the greatest attraction of girls, not to mention that they are very beautiful, especially the pair of slender and strong legs. They are bathed in a large pool, the water is clear, no matter where you want to see, you can see very clearly. Except for one woman. This woman may not be more beautiful than other girls, but the pony wants to see her most, even if only one leg can be seen. It’s a pity that he can’t see, he can’t see anywhere. When the woman took a bath, she was wearing a very long and thick black satin robe. Only a section of crystal white neck was exposed. The pony’s eyes were on her neck. The more invisible you are, the more mysterious you feel, and the more mysterious you want to see. How many men in the world are not like this? The woman in clothes and bath sighed again, “Since you must come to peep, fake blossom tree ,artificial banyan trees, I will try my best, but you must not break in. The door is not bolted. Just push it hard and it will open.” The pony didn’t push hard at the door. He hit the door with his whole body. The door opened, and with a splash, the pony jumped into the pool. In fact, he did not mean to jump, but now that he had jumped, he did not want to come out. Soaking in a pool with seven or eight naked girls is not something that everyone can encounter after all. Although the girl exclaimed and laughed. But not very angry and afraid. For them.. It seems that this is not the first time. Some of them, of course, will inevitably protest: “You are dirty and smelly.” What are you doing here? “The pony’s eloquence is not bad.” Just because I’m dirty and smelly, I want to take a bath. You can take a shower here, and of course I can take a shower here. “If it’s a bath, why don’t you take off your clothes?” “If she can get dressed and take a shower, why can’t I?” He answered confidently. The bathed woman shook her head and sighed. “So you do need a bath, but you should at least take off your shoes first.” “Why are you taking off your shoes?” Asked the pony? Wash the shoes together. Wouldn’t it be more convenient? The woman in clothes and bath looked at him and said with a wry smile, “What others want you to do, you just don’t do; what you don’t want you to do, you just do.”. Is there something wrong with you? “The pony laughed.” No, not even a little. I have at least 3,783 problems. ” The woman who was wearing clothes and taking a bath blinked and said, “No matter how many problems you have, you must not drink our bath water.”. “Well,” said the pony, “I’ll never drink it.” The woman who was wearing clothes and taking a bath smiled and chuckled, “So you’re not too stupid. You’re not a stupid donkey.” “I’m not a stupid donkey,” said the pony. “I’m a lady-killer, a real lady-killer.” Sure enough, he immediately acted like a lady-killer. The woman dressed and bathed immediately looked frightened. Hiding behind a girl, he said, “What do you think of her?” “Very well,” said the pony. The girl is really very good, and the word “very good” includes many meanings-charming sweet smile, youthful body, straight legs. The woman dressed and bathed breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Her name is Xiang Xiang. If you want her, I can ask her to accompany you.” “I don’t want it,” said the pony. “She is only sixteen years old this year,” said the woman in her clothes and bath. “She smells really good.” “I know,” said the pony. “You still don’t want it?” Asked the woman in the bath. “No,” said the pony. “The woman that wears a dress to take a bath laughs:” So you are not a true lady-killer. “I am,” said the pony. The woman in the shower is starting to get a little nervous again. “Do you want someone else?” He asked. “Yes,” said the pony. “Who do you want?” Asked the woman in the bath? You can choose any girl here. 。” “I don’t want any of them,” said the pony. “You can have two or three if you want,” said the woman in the bath. “They don’t want it at all,” said the pony. The woman that wears a dress to bathe was completely nervous, way: “You …” “Who do you want?” Asked the pony. “I want you.” At the end of this sentence,faux ficus tree, he jumped up and threw himself at it. The woman in clothes and bath jumped up and pushed Xiang Xiang into his arms, but she had already jumped out of the pool. A cold, silky carcass suddenly fell into his arms. Few people can not be tempted. The pony was not tempted.


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