Secret Agent Series: The Tyrant’s Spying Fat Queen

A drunken man mingled with the crowd and scurried here and there just to find a good place to watch the play. Yuhuangxuan leaned against the hidden corner and looked at the whole scene absentmindedly. He was in a trance. His black eyes swept around. Youling’s delicate hands were on the shoulders of Dongbo Hou. He didn’t feel it. In short, he would kill her. Heart keeps beating, always feel that something will happen, what is the secret of this conference? “I’m coming!” A thin young man with a big sword jumped into the ring, looking arrogant. I also come to meet you! “At this time, a middle-aged woman with a cold face like Raksha also jumped onto the ring, dressed simply, quite a bit of beauty, confronting the thin young man, holding the tiger whip in her hand.” Hua Qianqian, the boss of the Flower Gang, will meet you. “Come on, I’m afraid you can’t!” The thin boy said and ran up and cut the waist of Hua Qianqian with a knife. Hua Qianqian bowed back a step or two and threw out a whip wrapped around the thin young man’s knife. The young man fell off with force, but the knife was entangled by the whip. He could not get the knife off the whip with a few efforts. He kicked his leg, jumped ten feet higher, and kicked directly at Hua Qianqian’s chest. Hua Qianqian smiled contemptuously, turned around to avoid the kick, and in turn kicked the thin boy himself and fell into the crowd. Bitch, I’ll meet you! “Can’t see the woman is too strong, a gentle young man in white jumped into the ring aggressively,touch screen digital signage, Hua Qianqian looked at him with an expressionless face, provoked more anger from the young man,” Let you know my power! ” The two sides began to attack.. Bubble looked indifferently at the two men who were fighting in the ring in the dark corner. Because his mind was accidentally put on Dongbo Hou, a bright and shining sharp dagger was raised to her neck while she was in a trance, and he couldn’t help trembling! “Who?” “Who?” The cold leopard smiled and rubbed the clothes on her shoulder with his forehead. “Beauty, I can’t believe you can’t escape me in the end.” With a cold look in his eyes and an invisible light in his eyes, the bubble grabbed the hand of the cold leopard holding the dagger at the fastest speed,information kiosk price, then gently pulled it open, turned around, and caught the cold leopard like a prisoner, so that he could not move. Damn you, I’ll kill you! “Wait!” The cold leopard shouted to stop it. “If you kill me now, you will regret it.” “Is it?” Sensing that he didn’t have the guts to lie, Bubbles threw him directly into the room behind him, then released his hand and asked, “What did you just say?”? Will I regret killing you? Don’t make excuses for yourself. If you want to avenge your brother, go back and train yourself more. You can’t beat me. The cold leopard was surprised. “You didn’t want to kill me?” Vulgar Sword Vulgar Plum Four Four Plum Bubbles looked away coldly and did not intend to answer. Cold leopard has a trace of indescribable joy, do not know why, previously he also vowed to kill this woman with strong martial arts, but she let him destroy the line of defense in a few words. However, the more such a woman is, digital signage kiosk ,Interactive digital signage, the more dangerous she is. If she doesn’t kill herself, she will be killed by others. I know you are a flow mark! “So what?” Bubble doesn’t think it’s surprising at all. “You’re not the only one who knows I’m a flow mark. You collude with Dongbo and Nanxiangguo. You’re so bold. If the court exposes him, you can’t get away with it. You’d better stop. Don’t destroy your Green Tiger Gang. Think you’re not as rampant as other devils. I just keep you today.” Bubble words, scared silly cold leopard, “you, you..” is the devil she killed? ” What made you do that? There are so many devils in Wulin. Do you want to kill them all? “Because they killed a lot of court officials!” The bubble coldly said the reason. Cold Leopard does not believe: “Because of this?” Stunning the world and asking who to compete with Chapter 046 shocked the audience. She is not a member of the court, how can she avenge those court officials, which makes people wonder. () “Why should I tell you?” Bubbles roared impatiently. Surname imperial family, is also their own relatives, after all, he was the queen of the imperial Xuan, the overlord or his father, so think not wrong. If they can’t solve the problem, let them solve it by themselves, which is also a favor for them. It’s for Yuhuangxuan or for other people, in short, everything is over. My power is in the hands of Dongbo Hou, and I can’t help him. Leng Bao said bluntly. Vulgar Sword Vulgar Plum Four Four Plum Bubbles smiled contemptuously and sneered, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you now?” “If I didn’t have a yellow card, would I dare to talk to you so boldly?” Leng Bao said contemptuously, “I will not only be better than Dongbo Hou in the future, but also better than anyone else. I must take back my power and will not give up easily.” “You want to die!” A sword was pressed against his shoulder. If you don’t quit, you will die by my sword. Bubble laughs sarcastically: “Flow Mark, do you think I am vegetarian?”? I’m telling you, I’ve arrested all your friends at the inn, and if you want me dead, do it. Bubble heart a chill, “what?”? You got them? The sword pressed closer to the neck. “Say, what did you do to them?” The cold leopard gently took the sword from his shoulder and said with a sinister smile, “Beauty, don’t be so angry. It’s easy to hurt yourself.”. My request is not high, as long as you become the leader of this extermination, I will let him go.. One of them It’s like none of them can move. Are they poisoned? It looks like there are some pretty girls in there, two little boys, and one.. Tut-tut You are really charming, and there are two dudes with beautiful trees in the wind.. “You are despicable!” The sword was placed on the shoulder of the cold leopard again. The cold leopard steadied his excessive mood and said, “Beauty, why do you bother? Killing me is equal to killing all your friends. It’s not worth it.” Bubble coldly withdrew the sword, “finish your terms quickly!” “Cheerful!” Leng Bao directly opened the skylight to say, “First, you have to be the leader to get the trust of Dongbo Hou, and return the power of the Green Tiger Gang to me; Second, you..” His eyes were wretched, and his hands moved restlessly. “Second,smart whiteboard price, if you want to save all your people, you promise to accompany me tonight..” “Bastard!” Without hesitation, Bubble stabbed the cold leopard’s da tui with a sword.


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