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He has no ability. In fact, his family is very poor. His father died, his mother had no medical insurance or pension, and he had to take medicine for a long time when he was ill. He depended on his salary of three thousand and eight hundred yuan a month to support him. In the end, there was no way to get married. He was willing to marry, not to mention having a house. The local poor rural area was far less educated than him. It was only junior high school. It was the woman beside him who had a hard time getting a wife. So Xue Mei became the white moonlight, he is also regret, the location of the honeymoon is also deliberately chosen here, but also hope to meet by chance, in fact, there are thoughts and unwilling. It’s good for you to stay here. After all, big cities are under great pressure. If you are not a local, you will be more competitive. Li Chun said with a fake smile. Xue Mei listened to the honey in the other side’s words confidently superior, also did not refute, nodded, “I also feel.” The other side pretended to be a little ridiculous, so ridiculous that they thought she was an idiot and were unwilling to fight with her, thinking that it would lower their identity and IQ. Do you also come here to travel? It’s good to be close, unlike us, who have to come by plane, which is very difficult. Li Chun continued to sigh. Some people give face to really climb up, even Yu Haichen feel a little superior, Xue Mei married a small county man, life is like that, although he did not make any money, very hard, but he is a big city registered permanent residence ah, that house can be worth a million ah. With a look of an idiot, Ji Yang went over to pick up his son’s swimming ring and walked to one side. His appearance was interpreted by the other side as inferiority, Yu Haichen looked at Xue Mei, as if talking about the old days, “How have you been these years?” At first, he wanted to marry Xue Mei. He came from a small place and had no knowledge. He would also lower his posture and serve him. He did not know how the computer was infected with a virus, and his contact information was gone. Later, he could not be contacted. It’s a pity. That’s good. Xue Meiying. How can Yu Haichen feel good? Small place to stay, a lifetime can not go out, even Li Chun, she also feel very superior, even if her family has no money, but also a big city people,ultrasonic cutting machine, and Xue Mei can not be the same. These are all country people in her eyes. This kind of thinking is no different from eating pickles and shredded potatoes in a small house in a big city, but it is so confident that it feels superior to people living in villas in small counties. Xue Mei looked at Yu Haichen, did not want to look more, and even a little nauseous, found an excuse to leave. Li Chun also said to him in a strange way, “I really don’t know what you think, find one here.” She is still living in the beauty camera, do not feel worse than Xue Mei, and Yu Haichen is staring at Xue Mei’s back, showing infatuation. The other side’s figure is really good, protruding, white and tender skin, chestnut slightly curly hair, wearing sunglasses on his head, dressed much better than before, very temperamental. But he still has to compliment Li Chun, otherwise this woman can have some trouble, even his mother is not in the eye, always want to divorce. Li Chun is confident, from time to time also looked at a family of three on the beach, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, as if to have a good time, what is there to be happy? This child was born here, and it is likely that he will never go out! Soon she couldn’t laugh. When Xue Mei and his family were ready to leave, they also left. As a result, the family of three took hundreds of thousands of cars, while they walked. Although hundreds of thousands of people do not have luxury cars, but the family must be good, just live in the same hotel, Li Chun also asked where they live, they live in a sea view room for two thousand and four nights. And they have a special price of two hundred and seventy windowless rooms. I heard that the next day, Li Chun and Yu Haichen quarreled bitterly and were going to fight. Xue Mei slept soundly that night. She held her son, Ji Yang held her, and had a dream. In those moments in the dream, the male protagonists were all Ji Yang, and they were very sweet. She felt that the simple and beautiful love in the campus was very vague in retrospect at this time. She could not even remember a clear moment without the feeling of palpitation, just like every calm moment in the past. She did not regret the experience, but also glad to separate, from the beginning of meeting Ji Yang, she thought it was another abyss, but in fact it was redemption. She also said this to Ji Yang later. The other side was changing clothes for his son, Xue Mei thought he would be very moved, after all, it was love words, but he had no expression, “is it?”? I didn’t feel it. Two people have not talked about sweet love, has been for the family, for the children, for the future, trivial things. Do you live together? Xue Mei also felt that it was not, for example, when she was busy with Jiyang, the other party was still not indulgent, but told her to keep her voice down and her son was asleep. If she didn’t want to, he just frowned and obeyed her. Xue Mei attributed this to plain love, not vigorous, but in a stable life to support each other, through life, plain and happy. Is it not good to be in a small county? There are no colorful neon lights in big cities, no more opportunities, no thousands of possibilities, even backwardness and mediocrity, but there are also quiet, slow rhythm and quiet years belonging to it. Every place has its good. When she thought so, it was because Li Xiaojia sent her a message. The other party changed her job again. She went to a foreign company with a salary of 30,000 +, but she worked overtime 20 days a month. She was 30 today, and she had to settle down first. The pace of the city is very fast, everyone is very hard, in order to live, there is no life, for high housing prices, high cost of living, like a top, full and busy. When Xue Mei returned to her, her son turned over and hid in her arms, whispering in his sleep, “Mom..” Her heart melted into a ball. Gains in life must be made in exchange for sacrifices in other areas. Since you have chosen, just accept it. She has no right to judge which kind of life is good or bad, everyone has their own choice, just like before others thought she was silly, now she thinks she has a good life. Chapter 189 the man behind the movie queen (1). In this life, he and Xue Mei lived an ordinary life. When Ji Fangyuan grew up, he married and had children. When they were old,ultrasonic welding transducer, they accompanied and supported each other, and then passed away one after another. Back in the system, new tasks await.


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