PP Woven Bag manufacturers

PP Woven Bag manufacturers Material: PP woven
Material weight: 120 gsm
Size: 34X35X20.5 cm
Printing: Sewing
Processing: Machine made
Handle: Webbing
Feather: Eco-friendly, high quality
MOQ: 10000 pieces
Product Feature
The Laminated PP Woven Shopping Bag can be used as a gift bag or add extras for barbecue dinners or outdoor activities! They are rugged and can easily withstand 30 pounds of debris. There are inch squares at the bottom and bottom to help the product hold in place. The long handle can be used for holding or shoulders for easy carrying.

Product Description
The Laminated PP Woven Shopping Bag realizes the function to save our planet from pollution. In addition, it is made of top quality 120 gsm, with longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. This backpack capacity conference makes your shopping and carrying more convenient and enjoyable experience. This tote has plenty of main compartments, giving you plenty of room to carry food. You can bring your phone, key, tablet, magazine, wallet, and more to keep you ready for shopping or a day of running.
PP Woven Bag manufacturers


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