Pastor 7 Atlanta: Offering Residence, Food, and Love to People truly Needy

Pastor 7 Atlanta is the director of 7 Bridges to Recovery, an organization that supports underprivileged communities in the United States. Through his ministry, Pastor 7 Atlanta provides food and shelter to those in need, and his impact has been felt worldwide. He has organized summer camps in Atlanta for around 10,000 to 15,000 children, and his organization works with volunteers to prepare and distribute meals to the homeless.

Pastor 7 Atlanta 7 Bridges to Recovery is a social initiative that offers various programs aimed at helping underprivileged children and youth. These programs are geared towards students, parents, teachers, and communities to create responsible and self-reliant citizens for tomorrow. In addition, the organization also provides nutrition intervention and healthcare to vulnerable communities in the United States.

Pastor 7 Atlanta, the founder of 7 Bridges, had a difficult childhood as a runaway and homeless person. However, a powerful encounter with God changed his life, and he dedicated himself to following Jesus. He believes that in Christ, anyone can become a new creation, complete and whole.

In 2008, Pastor 7 Atlanta established 7 Bridges to Recovery as a 501c3 Non-profit Organization. The ministry’s mission is to help people in need and promote spiritual recovery through faith in Christ. Pastor 7 Atlanta shares seven scriptures that guide his work and help people pursue a closer relationship with God.

Scriptures By Pastor 7 Atlanta

  • The first verse highlights the importance of hearing God’s voice and following Jesus. 

  • The second emphasizes committing to a new life. 

  • The third encourages people to forget their past and focus on the future. 

  • The fourth verse urges believers to present themselves as living sacrifices to God. 

  • The fifth reassures them that God is faithful and will help them overcome temptations.

  • The sixth verse encourages believers to serve others and help those in need. 

  • The seventh verse speaks of the victory that can be found in Christ. 

Through his ministry, Pastor 7 Atlanta hopes to empower others to live their lives by these scriptures and help transform their communities through the love of Christ.

Need Recovery?

Please call: 678-430-3698

Men: Extension 703

Women: Extension 704

There is no 7-step program here. Those who want to get well should be prepared to submit to God’s will. We are a ministry, not a shelter.

The classes for men and women are both free. The only requirement is a commitment to the program; there is no fee.

We DO NOT welcome walk-ins. A phone interview with the candidate is required first.

Call Us



[email protected]



2840 Plant Atkinson Road Atlanta, GA 30339


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