NoSQL Services Provided by Azure GCP and AWS



NoSQL Services Provided by Azure 

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is a globally distributed, low latency database for managing large scale data, it has multi master support where the data can be simultaneously written into different databases spread out globally with eventual consistency. In this way the data is replicated onto the users nearest region so that it can be accessed faster.

It provides API support to create and manage databases using SQL API, Cassandra API, Azure Cosmos DB API for Mongo DB, these API’s can be used to read, create and update databases.

Features: data can be replicated globally, horizontally, Multi-Model (It can store data in key-value pairs, Document-based, Graph-based, Column Family-based databases), It offers both periodic and continuous backup mode.

Use cases: IOT, gaming, marketing, web and mobile applications.

Azure Cache for Redis:

Azure Cache for Redis is an in-memory distributed database solution that allows you to easily build and scale super-fast applications. It caches frequently used data and helps you to optimize overall performance of your application, it is fully managed service i.e., it supports automatic patching, scaling, updates, and provisioning. It offers high throughput and optimized performance to handle millions of requests per second with a very low latency down to sub-millisecond.


NoSQL Services Provided by GCP

NoSQL services

Cloud Big Table

This database powers the most used googles internet search engine, it’s a fully managed, key-value based NoSQL database service with high throughput at low latency, it can grow from gigabytes to petabytes, it can also be integrated with other GCP services like data-proc and dataflow, it is good for various types of data like marketing, financial, IOT.

Features: High scalability, Simple administration, Cluster resizing without downtime.

Google Memory Store

is a fully managed in memory-store for Redis and Memcached, it can be integrated with your applications in google cloud including the google cloud operation suite, making it easy to monitor your instances, it comes with an import export feature so you can migrate your Redis instances without any code changes.

MongoDB Atlas

MongoDB Atlas is a fully managed non-relational database service provided by Google Cloud allows users to run a fully managed MongoDB application data platform on Google Cloud within a few clicks, they just need to set up, scale, and operate MongoDB Atlas globally, it’s integrated with these GCP services big query, app engine, cloud functions and tensor flow.

Cloud Fire Store

it’s a server less NoSQL document database provides a simplified way for storing, syncing and querying data for your mobile, web and IoT applications, it provides built in security, automatic scaling and multi-regional replication. It works in near real-time, enabling you to fetch changes from backend as they happen which allows you to collaborate with multiple users and keep data synchronized across multiple devices, this also integrates with both google cloud and firebase.

Cloud Data Store

Cloud Data Store is also a highly scalable and fully managed NoSQL database ideal for rapid and flexible mobile development, it allows you to change your data structure as your application evolves, it uses Google Query Language (GQL), it can server millions of API requests per second, it can be integrated with app engine, GKS and Compute Engine, it automatically encrypts all the data before it is written and decrypts before an authorized user reads it.

Use cases: Mobile games, Mobile games, Recording transactions.

NoSQL Services Provided by AWS


Amazon DynamoDB

is a fully managed database service provided by AWS, it works on key-value pair and other data structure documents provided by Amazon, this NoSQL database provides single-digit millisecond performance backed with automatic multi-region replication, it offers high security and reliability With an SLA (service-level agreement) of 99.999%, its  features are Encryption at rest, Point-in-time recovery, ACID transactionsAuto scalingchange tracking with triggers (for example AWS lambda can be triggered when a data change is detected)

It can be used to develop software applications, Scaling gaming platforms etc.

 Amazon Document DB

it stores data in JSON format it’s fast, scalable, highly available and fully managed document database service, only difference between dynamo DB and document DB is that it supports Mongo dB workload, it makes easy to store, query and index Json data, customers can easily migrate the Mongo dB databases on- premises or on amazon ec2 to amazon Document DB for free using AWS database migration service

Here a user can easily scale read capacity to millions of requests per second by adding read replicas across 3 availability zones in minutes regardless of the size of the data

Use cases: Managing user profiles and preferences, Scale mobile and web applications.

Elastic Cache is a managed version of Redis in-memory data store provided by AWS, mainly used for caching frequently used data to speed up read operations.

Amazon Memory DB for Redis is a Redis compatible in-memory database provides low latency, high throughput and data persistence, it stores entire data set in memory across one to hundreds of nodes and availability zones.

Amazon Neptune is a database service designed to support graph applications in achieving high throughput and low latency, it can support up to 100,000 queries per second.




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