Mountain Bike in Costa Rica with Lava Tours. We offer one-day and multi-day cycling and adventure trips for the active traveler.

Santa Teresa Costa Rica, Costa Rica

Tel.: ++506 70185997

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Let Lava Tours show you a special Costa Rica!

the rumble of an active volcano

a family of howler monkeys playing among treetops

the fresh scent of flowering coffee plants

the regal colors of the Quetzal flying through the forest

learn about organic coffee farming



Mountain biking is the best way to meet Costa Rica’s friendly people, see its nature and magnificent scenery. Pedaling through traditional villages, past working farms, and through virgin forests is a once in a lifetime experience. Come find out with us!

Our mountain biking tours are designed with you in mind!

Our guides are professionally trained expert cyclists who are also first aid qualified and experienced mechanics. Whether in English, German, Portuguese or even in Spanish, our guides are always ready to show you the Costa Rica they love.

Our service is all-inclusive:


•  Brand-new professionally tuned mountain bicycles (we carry Airborne™ bikes)

•  Roundtrip in a comfortable van

•  Helmet and gloves

•  Snacks and hydration (take-home water bottle)

•  Fully insured

•  Digital pictures sent to you and your friends you via email before you get back home

•  Private tours and small groups

For a complete list of our mountain biking tours email us at [email protected] , call us in Costa Rica at ++506 70185997  (leave us a message).

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