Love story in Africa

THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME they were meeting since the day she snubbed him at the school park, though he had gotten over the embarrassment when he got to know that she did it because some of her Muslim brethren were standing with her that day. That night, in the quiet lonely garden where he usually studied, he sat, anxiously waiting for her like an expectant mother. The garden was always dark and deserted by that time of the night, so dark that the only thing that could give away his presence was his reading lamp. At around 11 P.M., he noticed a strange figure coming towards him. From the way it walks, he knew it was her; she was as usual wearing her hijab, which concealed everything but her angelic face to his imagination. He had lost count of the several ethiopian escort girls occasions he had spent hours in the hostel bathroom masturbating with only the image of her erogenous face in his head or the several nights she had been the subject of his wet dreams. Despite the darkness she was able to walk confidently to the bench where he was sitting. Her coming usually signified that it was time to walk back to the hostel, but tonight was different. It was a special day for lovers. Yet what they shared wasn’t love. He knew love was his last intent for her, it was a full-blown lust and this she also knew, but pretended not to know. For the first time, she hugged and placed a warm peck on his cheek, as she said “happy valentine, lover boy.” The darkness helped hid his astonishment and the smile that serrated his lips. They sat down, surrounded by the darkness of the night, with a few stars as their witnesses. He knew that night was the night to make his wet dreams and fantasies a reality, to know the mystery hidden inside the hijab she always wore, to discover the taste of her lips, to feel the texture of her buttocks and uncover the actual size of her breast. The peck was the sign he needed. As time was passing, he could already feel his trousers swollen with his own erection. She was talking, but didn’t know what she was saying. “Let me shut her mouth 73 with my lips, ethiopia pornI must make the move, it is now or never” he said to himself. And immediately, he moved closer and forced his lips to her mouth to give her a kiss, but to his disappointment his lips caught her nose and she withdrew herself, increasing the distance between them on the bench. He could feel her staring at him in the darkness, but to his surprise, she said “if you need me, all you need to do is ask like a gentle man.” Just then, they noticed some security men coming towards them with flash lights. He knew immediately the night had come to an end for both of them.


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