Lord Shangshu is easy to bow down.

“Yao Yu, are you talking?”? You say I don’t know that’s the first assistant’s wife, whose wife is not crowded before and after going out, how can she take a few children by herself, even a guard can’t be seen. Li Shi is still complaining in the heart, how to kick on the needle board. When Song Shi heard this, he was annoyed. “I don’t blame you. If you come here, you can come here. If you mention anything about the Confucius Mansion and the Gu Mansion, where can we get close to the first assistant? Sister-in-law will be more peaceful outside in the future.” Li Shi was complained, resentful way, “you marry so high, our family in the outside talk more also have light, and if you can’t even say, then the Kong family is too look down on people.” On second thought Li Shi had an idea, “the person is to come back to be a guest, Qian elder sister said in the past, can always give some face?”? Why don’t you let Brother Yu go too? Song Shi immediately refused, “Xie yuanniang is the most unfeeling, who can give face.” If she wanted to bow her head in front of Xie yuanniang, she would not agree. But think of what she did, in case it was found out, as sister-in-law said, or first press down,interactive flat panel display, as long as Xie yuan Niang there do not care, the husband there will naturally not check. When Li Shi saw that his sister-in-law’s attitude was loose, he said sternly, “Yao Yu, I’m doing this for your own good. You know the situation of our family in the past few years. How many people give our family convenience for the sake of the Confucius family, so that we can live a better life. If it gets out that the Confucius family doesn’t like our Song family, can our Song family still raise their heads?” Song Shi bit her lip, these words sister-in-law does not say she also understand,smart board whiteboard, now in the Confucian family no one likes her, she from time to time back to the Song family, can feel the feeling of being looked up to, think of being laughed at by the public in the end, not reconciled. All right, sister-in-law, go back first. I’ll think about it later. Although did not answer, but also promised to consider, Li Shi listened to this heart also relieved. As soon as Li Shi left, Song Shi immediately asked someone to find Yu Ge and bring her directly after finding someone. It had been raining these days, so instead of going to the college, Brother Yu went to Chuang Tzu and stayed with Old Master Kong for two days before returning to his house. As soon as he got back to the house, he heard his mother looking for him. Brother Yu frowned and walked into the yard, asking the woman, “What happened in the house?” The matter was not publicized, and the woman would not know, 75 smart board ,interactive digital whiteboard, but said, “The first lady of the Song family has come.” Brother Yu nodded when he heard his aunt coming. He did not like the people of the Song family, not because he looked down on the Song family, but because he did not like what the Song family had done. To the yard, Song first asked a few words of concern, to see his son also alienated, the heart is uncomfortable, “your father does not come back, you do not come, is it that you do not like your mother?” “What did my mother say?” Brother Yu is already a teenager, and his mind has matured in recent years, and he has not been frightened like a child. I know you despise me as a mother, but your father is not close to me. What can I do? I can’t be abandoned. I’m satisfied. Song Shi wiped his tears. Brother Yu saw that there were no tears in her eyes at all. He sighed in his heart. “Tell me, what happened?” Only when something happened, his mother cried for pity in front of him. This was not once or twice. Brother Yu knew that he should not answer, but as his mother said, he could not help but be soft-hearted when he looked at his mother’s pity. It’s not your aunt’s fault. Soong said what had happened in a low voice. “If your grandmother hadn’t come and told me, I wouldn’t have known. I also scolded your aunt. Now your aunt must still be annoyed. I want you to take Sister Qian to admit your mistake. It’s your grandfather’s house over there. Your aunt also said that she wouldn’t dare to do this again in the future.” Brother Yu had a headache. “Mother, you still haven’t noticed why your grandmother asked your father to investigate this matter. My aunt is ruining the reputation of the Confucian family. This is the place where my great-aunt met and was not seen.”? Always check, always check, my surname is Kong, always take the reputation of the Confucian family as the most important thing, but my mother can rest assured that if the matter is really small, I will also intercede with my father. This is the maximum he can do. He could not ignore the reputation of the Confucian family. What’s more, my aunt is so bold that she even dares to use the reputation of my great-uncle Shoufu. With such courage, if we don’t stop it now, we don’t know what kind of trouble it will cause in the future. Song Shi gritted his teeth and said, “I won’t hide it from you. Last year I bought a shop. Some of them offered a higher price than me. I bought this shop at a low price under the pressure of the Confucian family. That family has been unwilling. If your father knows about this, you know what the consequences will be. You don’t really want Niang to be driven out of the house, do you?” Brother Yu froze. “Mother..” No matter how much he thought about it, he didn’t expect his mother to be so bold. I’m not for you and Sister Qian. Your father has a concubine now. If the concubine has a child and your father is partial in the future, what will you and your sister do? Song Shi didn’t think he had done anything wrong. Brother Yu blushed with anger and stood up. “Mother is confused. Even if she took a concubine, it was her mother who made trouble. Has my father ever been to my concubine’s yard?” Thinking of these, brother Yu only felt that his chest was going to explode, and to this day, his mother did not feel that she had done anything wrong. Chapter 688: Mother and Son This is where Song Shi wants to hear, Song Shi now the last straw to save the name is the son, but the son now said, how can Song Shi not be anxious. Brother Yu, don’t you understand what Niang said? If your father had checked, I would have been abandoned by the Kong family. Song repeated another sentence. Brother Yu tried not to soften his heart. “Mother, I will intercede with my father.” “Intercede?”? Intercede with what? You have no fame, and your father doesn’t like you. What can you use to impress your father? Song Shi no matter those, these are always hold in her heart, “that year is my fault, I know if not because I let you far away Xie yuan Niang, your father will not be tired of you, but Xie yuan Niang is now the first assistant lady, reputation is good?”? Didn’t I do it for your reputation? Is it fair for me to make all my mistakes now? Brother Yu pursed his lips tightly, but did not speak. Song Shi sees soft and hard no good,65 inch touch screen, angry and annoyed, stretch out a hand in the son’s side mercilessly twisted, “you are talking ah.” 。 hsdsmartboard.com


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