It’s time to put your keywords to work now that you have them!

When someone finds one of your movies, the first text they will see is the title.

So, you must make sure that your headlines…

  • are pertinent to the queries made by your target audience

  • precisely describe the content of the video

  • include the search term you’re attempting to rank for

  • are concise and pleasant.

  • contain no clickbait

…to increase their chances of ranking.

Keep your titles within 50 characters because, according to research, lengthier titles can underperform when it comes to ranking on YouTube.

Returning to our favourite pancake example, this title makes excellent use of both narrow and broad keywords.

As compared to the greatest channels, which have over 1000 subscribers on YouTube, Recipes by Carina is a medium-sized channel with 607K subscribers.

The number of views for this particular video was 14 million, far more than the channel’s subscription base! The film is also included on Google’s video carousel and ranks on the first page of YouTube’s SERP.


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