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You are saying that your soul is a God of death, but you have taken away someone’s body. Then, I am very happy. Meng Xiang said with a sneer. What are you happy about? The God of death asked doubtfully. I am glad that I can kill your body before the king fights. In this way, I will have more confidence to defeat your body completely in the battle of the king. Meng Xiang pulled away and his whole body strength broke out at any time. As a warm-up, since your body has not yet broken through to the genetic lock, then the significance of this battle is not great, or even can not provoke my battle. Meng Xiang Xinran said: “This horror film is too boring. It has always been a companion’s experience. Your appearance can only relax my muscles and bones, that’s all.” “Bold.” The God of death looked at Meng Xiang like a God of death. As his name suggests, at this moment, his whole body exudes the meaning of endless death. The end of despising me is death. I do not take away your body, anyway, I have long planned, after this reincarnation, will invade the real world, take away Gaia consciousness. You, or rather, the genetic lock produced by this reincarnation is no longer meaningful, so you can die here. The God of death exudes a powerful breath that Meng Xiang has never met. He is convinced that there is no one stronger than the God of death except the strong genetic lock. Is this the perfect genetic evolution? Meng Xiang understands that the body of the God of death can already control energy through micro-control, stimulate the whole body’s genes at the same time, and promote genetic evolution and remodeling. Moreover, for the reincarnator, the most difficult step to break through the genetic lock,faux ficus tree, the heart demon, has no obstacle to the dead. Because the soul of God itself has passed through the demons, so the demons are no longer obstacles. The reason why they can’t break through the genetic lock is that their body and soul can’t be 100 synchronized, and they can’t open the channel to communicate the power of the soul. The purpose of a hundred years of penance is to try to go against the sky in an attempt to synchronize the body with the soul. Unfortunately, it failed. Of course, he took so much trouble to shape this fairyland in the space of the plane, with himself as the medium and with the power of the soul, not just for the sake of trying. More because, the last time he fought with Pangu Zhanshen,decorative palm trees, if Pangu Zhanshen was not outnumbered, he would have a 90% chance of fighting with Pangu and dying together. So, he practiced penance for hundreds of years, until now he made up his mind to invade the real world and seize Gaia, because after hundreds of years of practice, he had a new breakthrough. Even in a fair fight with Pangu Zhanshen, he had the confidence to win 100. He was invincible in the world, so he was despised by Meng Xiang and was furious at once. Death step forward, this short step, but forward tens of meters, time is like a pause in general, even Zhuo Luo, can not respond. The speed of several times the speed of sound fully reflects the strength of the God of death. Wait for Zhuo Luo to react to come over, the energy wave motion that countless boxing erupts, blow the whole fairyland to totter immediately. As a strong man who reached the peak of potential lock level 4, Faux cherry blossom tree ,silk olive tree, Zhuo Luo was unable to participate and had to retreat hundreds of meters in a row to watch the unprecedented battle as a bystander. Meng Xiang with the first order spirit gather to test, only feel the body of the God of death is like a double a class magic weapon, each punch, contains tens of millions of jins of force, the speed is as fast as lightning. In a few seconds, the two men attacked each other tens of thousands of times. In the fairyland, mountains collapsed, forests were destroyed, pieces of earth were blown into the void, and the original fairy land turned into barren land in a few seconds. Boom! The two fists bombarded and exploded, spreading outward from their center, and countless cracks spread outward from the center of the fists, breaking the void at any time. The two men jumped away from each other and stared at each other. Strengthened power of the energy intrinsic type? Complete genetic evolution can make the body so strong? Meng Xiang said softly, greatly admiring. Genetic evolution, perfect body, can withstand the arrival of the power of the soul. Strong people in different directions of strengthening have different perfect bodies, and they are not developing towards strength. Perfection refers to the evolution of the body into the best vessel to withstand the baptism of the soul, not to be strong, powerful and overbearing. However, as a strong body variant, with the body as a weapon of attack, the complete body, that is, the God of death is now like this, full of strength, the body is like a double A-level weapon. If Meng Xiang’s current physique is 1, then the current physique of the God of death is 100, or even higher. Meng Xiang as an energy explosion, even after genetic evolution, perfect body, it is impossible to have such a strong physique. Perfection varies from person to person, and for the physically variant strong, perfection means being strong, powerful and overbearing. Y The latest and fastest chapter, please log in [], reading is a kind of enjoyment, I suggest you collect. Chapter 868 old enemies.. Return [] Updated: 2012 917 9:20:22 Words in this chapter: 5318 Chapter 868 old enemies.. Return “Inverse heaven, the same degree of physique, no, inverse heaven’s physique is at least 10 times stronger than the God of death, why can he have such a strong physique?”? Is he unable to break through the genetic lock because he can’t get through his demons? Meng Xiang did not know why in this moment, he would think of going against heaven. Are you belittling me? The spirit of death was exasperated, because Meng Xiang’s mind was not entirely on him, provoking his self-esteem. Oh? By the way, I’m fighting. Sorry, I just remembered a friend. Meng Xiang laughed softly, but the spirit of death exploded. Even now the God of death is using another body, but the strength of this body is enough to make him a potential lock level 5 peak strong, how can he stand the contempt of Meng Xiang, who has not even reached the limit of potential lock,large palm trees for sale, let alone through genetic evolution. You want to die. The God of death exudes an infinite murderous look, and a small part of the power of the soul that congeals space is constantly inhaled into his body. Although there was no sign, Meng Xiang knew that the power contained in the body of the God of death began to change. Of the power of the soul.


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