I am the only immortal

“Lord Ghost King.”. In order to fuel me, the 11 seducers in my area have gone AWol and I ask you to absolve them of their sins. That’s my condition. After a fierce struggle in his heart, Hailong made a difficult choice. He believed that there were always opportunities, regardless of his friends and his own interests. He is absolutely unwilling, after all, no matter when he is always an emotional person. I know it’s not good for me to do so. But I chose it anyway. Wang Fangping’s face showed a look of surprise. “Is that the request?”? Don’t you go to the profound immortal method of the underworld? This is a rare opportunity for you. You should know that in the underworld, strength is the only way to explain strength. This opportunity has only been lost once and will never be repeated. Now that the sea dragon had decided, he relaxed his mind and smiled. “Thank you, Lord Ghost King, for reminding me, but..”. The decision I made will not change. 。 In my heart, brotherhood is far more important than interests. Although I haven’t known them for a long time, I feel that. It was worth it. If I can’t put my brother before my interests, I don’t deserve to be their brother. There was a smile on the stiff face of the ghost king. “Interesting. You are very interesting.”. As you asked,ultrasonic cutting machine, pardon your friends for leaving their jobs without permission. And your status as a judge remains unchanged. Just as the sea dragon wanted to thank the ghost king, a large fog suddenly rose around him. He stood for a while without knowing why. The fog had enveloped the whole school army field. All the original seducers had melted into the fog. The figure had completely disappeared. When the fog spread to five meters around himself and the twelve kings of the underworld, he could no longer move forward. The ghost king Wang Fangping was the first to stand up, followed by the Yin king Yin Changsheng, the ten kings of the underworld, and the sea dragon only felt that he had been surrounded by the twelve kings of the underworld in the center. At this time,ultrasonic handheld welder, he had no idea of resistance at all. If these strong people in the underworld really wanted to harm themselves, it would be futile to resist. 。 Even in the best condition, I can never fight against them. After all, the twelve kings are the vast majority of forces in the underworld except Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. Wang Fangping, the ghost king, nodded to the sea dragon with a smile and said, “Good, very good. You make us all very satisfied.”. You are indeed the disciple of Zhenyuan Daxian who defeated the Buddha in the battle. You are now fully mature in both mind and perseverance. The sea dragon said quietly, “So you already know my identity?”? Did you arrange everything I went through? Wang Fangping said, “Not all of them, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but most of them are arranged by us.”. You’ve been through a lot to stand here today. Otherwise, do you think our underworld is so easy to get out? ? When you first entered the underworld, you lost all your magic power. It was hard for you to adapt to it, but you were not discouraged at all. You did not choose to escape when facing the reincarnation pool. We admire you very much for restoring your magic power. At that time, you had passed the first hurdle. The sea dragon felt a cold sweat behind him and tried to keep his breath steady and asked, “What would have happened if I had chosen to jump into the reincarnation pool?” Wang Fangping, the ghost king, looked at the sea dragon with an indifferent expression. “If you jumped down from the reincarnation pool at that time, you would go back to the fairy world to be your immortal again after your magic power was restored.”. But you will also lose the chance to cultivate the underworld forever. We have given you the chance. It’s you who can’t hold on. Even Zhenyuan Daxian can’t blame us. The sea dragon took a deep breath and secretly said that he had not made a wrong choice, otherwise Shibo’s painstaking efforts would have been in vain. “So everything after that is a test for me?” “You can say that,” said Wang Fangping. During your year of practicing with the Siyin Ghost Pawn, you have shown your superhuman talent. It is not easy for you to develop from the power of a mortal to the best of the soul-seducers. When you first went to the promotion meeting, every competition you went through was real, and none of the seducers you faced showed any mercy. And the ugly ghost pawn who was born as a fierce ghost is your final test in the previous stage. Under pressure, you are not afraid of a new breakthrough in the understanding of the power of mind. He succeeded in coming to the capital. The sea dragon’s face fell, and he suddenly realized a problem. Staring at Wang Fangping Road “Lord Ghost King, if everything is as you say, then Brother Siyin is also arranged by you.”. Is the brotherhood between him and me false? Recalled this more than a year, the ghost pawn to take care of their own care, a burst of colic in the heart of the sea dragon, are those false? Wang Fangping’s eyes showed a strange look of helplessness. “I can’t judge whether the brotherhood between you is true or false. If you have a chance, you should ask him yourself.”. Today is your final test. One is to test your ability. You succeeded. We all know that you used to be good at the gas of chaos in the fairy world, but I didn’t expect that you would soon be able to re-cultivate some and succeed in beating the headless ghost, whose strength is equivalent to that of a senior judge, into serious injury. Are you surprised that the headless ghost has lost his upper body? Why do I say that he is only seriously injured. Don’t forget. This is the underworld. It’s not easy to become a living person here, but how can you die again if you are already a ghost? Without our permission.. No ghost can be easily scared out of his wits. 。 The most gratifying thing for us is the last test. If you had just made another offer instead of pleading for them, maybe you could have got the same underworld stunt, but.. Speaking of which.. He suddenly stopped and looked at the sea dragon with deep meaning in his eyes and did not go on. 。 The sea dragon in the heart moves pleasantly surprised tunnel, “that says so.”. Are you still willing to teach me the skills of the underworld? ?” His heart warmed up, and if he really went to the underworld, everything that had happened before the stunt would be nothing. It’s just that he can’t figure out the matter of the ghost pawn. Even if the underworld wants to give itself many tests, there’s no need to let a seducer be so good to himself! Wang Fangping smiled and said, “It’s not that easy.”. You are now the judge of the underworld,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, and I can take you as an apprentice to teach you the method of mourning stick. You can also choose any one of the kings to practice the underworld stunts. Only one of the twelve of us can choose in your favor. And if you make the wrong choice, I’m afraid there will be no God, man or ghost. 。 fycgsonic.com


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