How To Increase The Video Views With The Helps Of Promote YouTube Videos


The most popular video search engine in the world is YouTube. Google for video content, essentially!

Make sure your videos are optimised to appear for the precise terms people are searching for if you want to increase the number of views they receive on YouTube.

Why do you do this?

by performing a keyword search.

Users enter words or phrases into search engines as keywords. Consider these examples:

  • Tie a tie properly

  • reviews of espresso machines

  • Recipes for fluffy pancakes

When you tag, describe, and label your videos, you must use the most pertinent keywords for your material. This informs YouTube’s search algorithm about the subject matter of your videos!

Understanding the issue that your video is attempting to solve is the first step in conducting keyword research. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience.

You can use a variety of tools to find out what keywords your potential audience will look for. YouTube itself is the first.

Imagine you want to promote YouTube video explaining how to cook pancakes. You can enter that into YouTube’s search box to see what terms it suggests.


To show the most frequent keyword search variation, use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard to replace any term in your search query.

To observe what searchers used, I added an asterisk to the key verb in this search. In this instance, the word “make” is used instead of “cook.”

But, you may also use the asterisk to propose various keyword variants, as seen in this example:

You can create a list of the most frequent or popular searches after searching for various permutations of the keyword, in my example, “pancakes.”

According to me, the most often searched terms are:

  • a recipe for pancakes.

  • a recipe for fluffy pancakes.

  • Moreover, a recipe for banana pancakes

You have learned three things from this search: people want pancakes, they want them fluffy, and they want them to be nutritious. (Where can I register?)

You can also get assistance from other free and paid apps like Video Boosters Club and Keywords Everywhere if you want more detailed information.

With the aid of these tools, you can choose the keywords you want to employ by looking at factors like search volume and competitiveness.

You can see in the example below that I utilised Video Boosters Club to confirm which search terms have a moderate to high search traffic and little to no competition:

Long-tail keywords—those with more words and detailed statements—tend to have lower competition from other channels, so if you have a smaller channel, I advise you to start there.

You’ll have an easier time ranking as a result right away. Also, you might start focusing on more difficult-to-rank keywords as your channel develops.

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