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Services for Commercial Lighting in Los Angeles

Southwest Industrial Electric is the go-to team for all your lighting maintenance and repair needs, whether your Portable lighting is concealed or fluorescent, indoor or outdoor. We provide an all-inclusive service; we don’t only replace ballasts or bulbs. We thoroughly clean the reflector and lens as well as wipe down the entire fixture to make sure your lighting is kept in good working order.

Because we are aware that they have an impact on the general operation of your lighting fixture, we take the time to tackle even these ostensibly little things. Our skilled Los Angeles lighting installation, repair, and maintenance team is aware that dirt buildup will make the fixture hotter and cause component failure. In order to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and light energy from being absorbed, the reflector and lens must be properly maintained. We guarantee that your lighting fixtures are in excellent functioning order and condition. See why we are the best lighting installation business in Los Angeles by visiting our reviews page.

Services for Lighting Retrofit

Lighting system updates are becoming more and more appealing as lighting technology develops, both in terms of better light quality and more efficiency. You can benefit from better lighting while paying less for electricity. Today, we have access to energy-efficient control methods like occupancy and ambient light sensors that nonetheless give you the high-quality lighting system you want. Modern fixtures have been developed to use energy as efficiently as possible while exerting the least amount of effort.

Our lighting solutions comprise:

repairs and upkeep


Creating and installing

Security lamps

automated systems for lighting control

We Are Your Commercial Lighting Source.

We provide our clients with the quick, high-quality electrical services they require, as well as a knowledgeable, experienced technician who will complete the work quickly.

We take great pride in the bonds we establish with our clients. Because of the dedication of our personnel and the high calibre of our work, many of our clients have remained with us for 20 to 25 years. We have been serving our biggest clients for 40 years, and we have endurin


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