Forty thousand years of cultivation

Professor Mo Xuan did his best to shelter all the Eldar and restore 30% of the function of Baihua City as the spiritual network and transportation hub of the Federation. But the city of flowers in the previous erosion and destruction, after all, suffered too serious a blow, now most of the communication lines are cut off, between the seven boundaries of the star sea jump routes are a mess, most of the citizens are not just from the extreme high temperature, cold, lack of oxygen and weightless environment struggling out, is just experienced a soul-stirring war in the spirit net, the spirit is extremely weak. It is difficult to start work at once. In this case, if you want to send more than 12 or 13 super-class strong people to Tianyuan, you must race against time! “Hold on!” Li Yao stared at the bare bulkhead, his eyes seemed to penetrate dozens of light-years away, and saw the golden heart moon, Ding Ling Dang, spring breeze, white happy, and many relatives and friends who were grinding their teeth and fighting to the death in Tianyuan. He waved his hand in his heart and silently said, “Hold on, hold on a little longer, I’ll be back soon, with the most powerful reinforcements in the border of Xinghai.” I’m back! …… While Li Yao and others were trapped in the depths of the spiritual net, the Tianyuan Realm, the supreme command center of the Federal Defense Council, was also in chaos. Before the slowly knotted sword appeared, everything was under the control of the top level of the Federation, more precisely, Jin Xinyue, Guo Chunfeng, Bai Kaixin and others. Including the flagship “Black Vortex”, the most elite forces of the Black Wind Fleet have been successfully lured to the Tianyuan Realm, while their follow-up forces have not yet completed the Star Sea Jump, still staying behind the Brown Dwarf Star, the entire fleet has been divided into two parts, tens of light-years away from each other, is in the most embarrassing situation! Jin Xinyue’s so-called “Demon Rebellion Force” also completely tore off the mask of “armed rebellion” and, together with the Tianyuan Fleet, participated in the harassment and entanglement of the Black Wind Fleet. Under their delay, the first jump of the Federation’s flagship Prairie Fire Fleet was successfully completed, and all the new main warships, including the flagship Prairie Fire, appeared in the middle of the No.2 and No.3 Star Gates! At this moment, the Prairie Fire is not the ship that was refitted from the “Sky Magic” a hundred years ago, but a super warship that has gathered countless resources and elites from all over the Federation and has taken 30 years to complete! Chapter 1792 trapped animals fight! Seeing that the “Dark Moon Plan” planned by the Golden Heart Moon was about to achieve full success, the three starry gates were all under the control of the Federation, and the other side’s reinforcements could never arrive so soon, even if they took the risk of jumping over without the guidance of the Star Torch, touch screen kiosk , they were also one in the east and one in the west, like dust scattered in the vast star field of Tianyuan Galaxy with a diameter of 8 billion kilometers. This is an absolute disaster for any fleet! Warships need to be precisely embedded in the whole system in order to play 100% combat effectiveness. Without the protection of the Aegis ship, the Vuku ship is like a tortoise without a shell, which can only carry out a one-time attack to perish together, and even be destroyed by the enemy’s ultra-long-range heavy firepower on the planet. Without the fire support of the Vuku ship, even if the Aegis ship’s psionic shield, interference magnetic field and spiritual net confrontation ability are strong, it can not withstand the other side’s long-term fire attack. No matter how reckless a commander is, it is very difficult for him to make up his mind to carry out such a suicidal “blind jump.”. Do not use the starry sky to jump, but come slowly by conventional navigation? It’s even more impossible! The distance between the two sides in the three-dimensional universe is tens of light-years, and even if a large-scale battle group can race all the way at an exaggerated speed of one tenth of the speed of light, it will take hundreds of years to reach the battlefield! So, the Black Wind Fleet’s elite and “brain”, isolated and helpless! Then, as long as the follow-up forces of the Prairie Fire Fleet can arrive in time and destroy the enemy’s sharpest minions and vital brains, they will be invincible! It seems to be only a few minutes away from the realization of this goal. The remnants of the Tianyuan fleet, still with amazing courage and fighting spirit and ten times more powerful than their own enemy entanglement, like a pool of mud with thorns, when they were about to collapse, the demon clan “rebellion” troops originally deployed near the No.1 Star Gate rushed up in time to fill the loophole, facing the thousands of light pillars of the Black Wind Fleet. Just for the arrival of the main force, for a second, another second, another second! The absolute main force of the Federation, the Prairie Fire Fleet, was also very competitive. The first wave of attack groups led directly by Chief of Staff Bai Kaixin completed a classic starry sea jump that can be called a textbook. When they cross billions of stars, after experiencing three-dimensional, four-dimensional and three-dimensional fragmentation and condensation, the solemn and neat formation is not disorderly at all, thousands of straight tail flames illuminate the dark sea of stars, just like the ancient strong soldiers carrying on their shoulders, the cold shining pike forest! Under the leadership of the flagship “Prairie Fire”, the pike forest in the universe moves slowly. The distance measured by the dark light feedback makes the whole battle group like a perfect work of art. When two starships several kilometers long go hand in hand, the difference between their bows will not exceed ten meters. Under the scale of the universe, this is a concept thousands of times thinner than a hair! After the first wave of attack groups came to the Tianyuan Realm, they did not rush to the coordinates of the Black Wind Fleet, but unhurriedly set up an arc-shaped defensive formation to make room for the second, third and even the fleets from the major worlds of the Xingyao Federation. In order to avoid leaks, the “Dark Moon Project” is the top secret of the top secret, even in the Prairie Fire Fleet, only a very small number of high-level know some inside information, the ordinary Star Field Garrison Fleet is absolutely ignorant. The combat effectiveness of the Star Field Garrison Fleet is weak, and it takes a long time to assemble and jump, but now that the situation of “closing the door and beating the dog” has been formed, there is no need to be afraid of anything, and now the initiative is in their hands! The void that had just been torn apart once again rippled with tiny ripples, and the invisible arc, scanned by the magic weapon of Xuan Guang detection, spread like colorful waves in all directions, and saw the second wave of attack clusters coming, which were the thickest armored ships in the Prairie Fire Fleet, the largest storage space, and the largest reserves of ammunition and spar. It’s a real “big army”!.


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