Forgot to take the male lead’s script. He should wear it quickly.

Crossing some demon yuan, Xiaomao felt that she could not be more, so she tilted the bud, and did not have the strength to look at the scholar she had been thinking about for three days. Two leaves fell asleep holding the head of the bud, which was already bright yellow and yellow except for the flower stalk. When Yan Lang was woken up by Lin Song, he felt comfortable and energetic, not to mention that his mind was unprecedentedly clear. To put it in colloquial terms, it’s like eating an elixir. Yan Lang also only thought that he was in the examination room for three days and two nights, after coming back to eat a hot meal and sleep, so will feel relaxed. Yan Lang looked at Xiaomao and found that Xiaomao was still sleeping listlessly in the flowerpot, presumably because he was not here these days, and Xiaomao was not used to it. Touching Xiaomao’s bud lovingly, Yan Lang gently went to the side to eat breakfast around the small stove, tidied up and carried the examination basket, Yan Lang was ready to set out. Lin Song, thanks for your hard work. Don’t be too frugal when I’m not here. Cook more delicious food. If the girl is bored, you can take her out for a walk. But don’t let her show up easily. Recently, the patrol around here has been strengthened. If you’re not afraid of ten thousand, just in case. The entire capital because of the ongoing examination, whether on the surface of the inspection or in the dark, have strengthened a lot, Yan Lang is afraid that there are special guard against evil in the capital of the master Taoist. Although Xiaomao has the red line on his wrist to hide the evil spirit, he has already met a Huizi Lv Kongruo before, and maybe he can meet another one who can see through Xiaomao’s real body at a glance. Lin Song understood and nodded solemnly to show that he understood. “Don’t worry, sir. I’ll take good care of the girl here.” How much the master cares about the girl, where can Lin Song not know, so these days in order not to let the master distracted by the exam, Lin Song is more cautious than Yan Lang himself. Yan Lang also knew that Lin Song was young, but his temperament was still very mature, so he was relieved to go with the others in a carriage for the time being. So three days later, he came back,large artificial blossom trees, ate and slept, and when he woke up, he was in high spirits again. That state surprised the guards who were responsible for checking them at the gate of Gongyuan. When he was bored afterwards, he talked about it, saying that the scholar had probably practiced martial arts and had two skills. In the examination room, when the inspector saw Yan Lang like a tall and straight cabbage in a pile of green vegetable leaves, he could not help but pay more attention to it. After the three examinations, the examinees in the small courtyard all breathed a sigh of relief, and almost none of them could go out alive and kicking. So at this time, Yan Lang, who was busy moving back to Fahua Temple the next day after the exam, was particularly conspicuous, which attracted the attention of other examinees’families who were carrying medicine bowls to the house in the small yard. Yan Lang didn’t care, either. The next day after the exam, he took Lin Song and Xiaomao back to Fahua Temple. The small temple on this side is still reserved for them. Everyone has to wait for the results after the exam. If they are on the Golden List, they have to hurry to prepare for the palace examination. Although some people think they didn’t do well in the exam, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,silk ficus tree, who doesn’t have illusions. Therefore, even though February has passed, there are still a lot of people in the capital, and there are so many noisy poetry meetings and literary meetings that Yan Lang did not attend. To say that the person who sent him the invitation did not necessarily have a close relationship with Yan Lang, just because everyone is the same age, in case someone gets rich, at least he can help one or two in the future, holding the idea of casting a wide net and fishing more. But at the beginning of March, Yan Lang received an invitation to go for an outing, which was sent by the bookboy of the second son of Xiang Taifu’s family in the capital. The second son of the Taifu family was one of the two people who had been open-minded and willing to share their books with the public before. The other Yan Lang did not know him, but only heard that he was the youngest son of the Hou’s family. Yan Lang was born well, with a gentle temperament and a little nagging. Somehow, the second son was very fond of him. Although there are others who say that Yan Lang intends to curry favor in private, which is beneath the status of a scholar, Yan Lang does not care about other people’s gossip temperament, and makes friends with people only to see whether they are compatible. In this way, even another childe has a good impression on Yan Lang. This time the other party posted an invitation to go for an outing together, Yan Lang naturally did not refuse the reason, before with the two childe even childe for knowledge, and read a lot of books for the other side, for Yan Lang help a lot, this time to go must be a good thank you. This time I went to Beijing to catch up with the exam. No matter whether I passed the exam or not, Yan Lang felt that he had gained a lot and had grown up a lot. Of course, for the sake of his family, Yan Lang still hopes that he can go to high school. Because Xiaomao also longed to go, thinking that this time for the exam, let Xiaomao a person at home, Yan Lang also felt distressed, thought about it, simply let Lin Song follow together. When he joined up with Xiang Er Childe and others, he asked Lin Song to take Xiaomao for a walk around, and when he finished attending the party of Xiang Er Childe and others, he took Xiaomao to the night market in the evening. Recently, it happened to be the three-year examination. Before the examination, everything was quiet, but after the examination, the emperor in the palace directly cancelled the ten-day curfew of the whole city, which made the capital suddenly lively, even more lively than the Lantern Festival in the first month of the lunar year. The author has something to say: When he was thinking about whether to feed the scholar his roots and leaves, he suddenly thought that many years later, when the scholar fell ill, it would probably be like this. Yan Lang: My wife always wants me to eat her. It’s terrible. I dare not get sick any more. I suddenly remembered when I put it in the manuscript box that I will update it at one o’clock tonight to see how many night owls like me can come out? If there is a night owl, I will say good night to you. Broadcast time. I’m at 00:54. Chapter 100 The Scholar and the Flower Demon 14. The place chosen by Xiang Er’s son was near Fahua Temple, which was a lake where the stream outside Yan Lang’s back door converged all the way down. The name of the lake was Feilai Lake, which meant that the lake seemed to fly overnight. There is a wild pear tree around, the pear is small and astringent, no one wants to eat, but when it blossoms, many people are willing to come. Of course, now is the time of spring ploughing,artificial plant wall panels, have the mood to invite three or five friends to go for an outing together are naturally people with a certain social status and wealth, even small Jasper, also followed by servant girls.


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