Fiber Circulator for sale

Fiber Circulator for sale 3 Port PM 1550nm Circulator 1.3 Port PM 1310 Circulator Optical circulators are similar to electronic circulators in that both perform similar functions. An optical circulator is a three-port device that allows light to travel in only one direction. Signals entering port 1 will exit port 2 with minimal loss, and signals. 2.OOPTICO’s polarization-maintaining (PM) optical circulators are non-reciprocating, unidirectional, three-port devices that can be used in a variety of optical setups. These circulators are centered at 1064, 1310 (O-band), or 1550 nm (C-band), blocked by the fast axis, and are therefore designed to work with light emitted to the slow axis. 3.Circulators are available without connectors, FC/PC connectors, or FC/APC connectors. OPTICO also offers single-mode (SM) fiber optic circulators.Due to its high isolation and low insertion loss, optical circulators are widely used in advanced communication systems such as add-drop multiplexers, bidirectional pumps, and dispersion compensation devices. Wavelength Range(nm) 1550 Isolation锛坉B)鈮?0 Insertion loss鈮?.9 Directivity锛?~3锛?/td>鈮?0 Return loss(dB)锛?0 Extinction Ratio锛?2 Max Optical Power(mW) 300 Operating temperature锛埪癈锛?br/>-5~70 Storage temperature(掳C锛?/span>-40~+85 Operating relative humidity 20 to 80% Features High isolation Low insertion loss Compact construction High stability and reliability 100% tested before delivery Compact Inline Package Epoxy free light path High extinction ratio Application Add-drop multiplexing Fiber Optic Sensor Bidirectional pumping Two-way signal transmission system 100% test 3D test IL test Surface test Extinction ratio test Certificates ISO CE ROHS CPR Tips锛?/strong> Due to the Covid-19,sorry that you and our team couldn’t visit each other face to face.In order to make the customers know us more,please visit our VR factory,it is just like you were really standing in our factory. OPTICO Fiber Assembelies Production Line VR: Circulator for sale website:


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