Experienced Minor Child Guardianship Lawyer

With the caring and knowledgeable assistance for which they are well-known, Mellany Marquez-Kelly can make the process of establishing a minor guardianship as streamlined and painless as possible. Securing a safe, secure, and caring home for a minor is a process protected by federal and state statutes. A guardianship is a legal relationship assigned by the court to a person who will make decisions for the minor, considered a ward of the court. The guardian can either be related or unrelated, depending on the circumstances. Typically, the court prefers to grant guardianship to someone related, such as an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or sometimes an older sibling. In any case, the guardian must exude evidence of being able to fully support the minor. The length of guardianship of the minor will need to be established for the proceeds to be finalized. Guardianship can either be granted for an indefinite amount of time or possibly for life if the parental incapacitation is permanent. Call at 239-214-0403


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