Don’t let distance stand in the way of taking your online assessment

The growth in digitization, adoption of advanced infrastructure, and introduction to NEP 2020 have put major emphasis on using ERP solutions for management, examination, and teaching-learning for the colleges. The institutes are about to conduct all activities remotely including examinations, admissions, fee payment, finances, and others.

So here’s how you must not let distance stand in the way of online assessment by using an ERP solution known as an online assessment platform.

What is an online assessment system?

Online assessment software is a platform that enables institutes and students to conduct online examinations and student evaluations. It requires the students to have an internet connection along with a smartphone or laptop to attempt the exam. It eliminates the need for students to visit the institute to attempt the test. They can do it from any location.

The software enables safe examinations using online proctoring technology to ensure that there are no cheating and other malpractices attempted by the students during examinations. The software helps teachers to conduct all the activities online beginning from exam registration to evaluation. Further, creating question papers and monitoring the students during the exam is also automated on the software.

Features of Online assessment platform


The online assessment platform automates the entire process of exam management and evaluation for the institute. It conducts all the activities using advanced technologies from the creation of question papers to giving accurate feedback to the students after the exam based on their performance.

Online Proctoring-

The software uses remote proctoring technology to keep track of student activities and keep them from attempting cheating practices during the exam. The software conducts run-time monitoring of students’ activities and takes frequent snapshots of their activities during the exam. Further, it avoids cut, copy and paste in the exam window to avoid malpractices.

Easy to use-

The online assessment software works in sync with the previous working of the institute’s processes to avoid any difficulties and problems it may cause for students and teachers. The software is easy to use and highly intuitive.

High Security-

The online assessment system uses a cloud platform to offer easy storage and backup options for students’ data. Moreover, it ensures the safety of storage by offering role-based access to all the teachers and students based on their responsibilities in the institute. Further, it uses data encryption technology for the safety of bank data and passwords.

Data Analysis-

The software uses AI technology to conduct data analysis of all information collected from students, their exam performance, and feedback. It helps the institutes to take data-driven decisions in various aspects and helps teachers to improve teaching-learning methods based on the analysis reports.

Report Generation-

The software generates data reports in all required formats like PDF, word, and doc. The reports can be customized using filters to understand the data in a better way. The reports can be exported from the system anytime by the teachers for their use.

Future of Online Assessment Platform-

·        E-learning- The rise of e-learning courses offered by institutes is increasing the demand for online assessment to evaluate students and give them degrees and certificates.

·        Technological Advancements– The rise in technologies helps the vendors to improve features and offerings in the software that will enhance students’ experience for online exams.

·        NEP 2020- The implementation of NEP 2020 has given focus to the integration of technology in education, making it compulsory for institutes to offer e-learning courses and advanced infrastructure for better quality education for students as well as to achieve accreditation.



The online assessment system is a robust ERP solution that helps to enhance the method of evaluation for students and institutes. It allows the institutes to adopt new educational approaches and encourages distance learning. The system offers high security and ease of use for everyone.


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