Standees are a high-utility marketing and networking tool which are the most effective at exhibitions, conferences, trade, fairs, shows and parties. They are lightweight and can be rolled up easily with their roll-up feature.

Customized Standee printing

Standeesare the best way to communicate and convey you promotional messages and information. They stand tall and convey the desired messages to your target audience and customers. At, you are able to design standees online and order online to print your roll-up standees along with the banner stands. We assure high quality printing at the reasonable prices.

Online standee design

You can design your standees for your next promotional event online as well. We have our best developed interactive designer tool to make your standees online. You can add your own messages, choose the back ground color, images and add the text. Move and position them along rightly to convey your brand message.

Buy standees online

We at Uandmeprints.comprovide the best quality online standees, also known as roll up display or exhibition stands which are the best way to put your promotional message across. Standees come in different designs and sizes, also they can be mounted up to the right size cardboard cutout as seen in commercial centers such as shopping complexes and malls. Visit now and order high quality standees online at reasonable prices.


Designing an effective standee

  • Use large fonts and images so that your standee is visible from a distance.

  • Contrasting background and text colors helps to increase readability and clarity.

  • Focus on the main message so that people can understand your brand quickly.

  • Make sure to Keep the safety margins in mind when you’re designing your standee. 

Frequently asked questions 

What is a standee?

A custom standee is a standing display used as a high utility marketing and networking tool that is cut in a unique shape or size to add dimensional appeal to it. A standee provides a visual information of the brand theme or promotion/endorsement and can serve as a backdrop or a background photo.

What are the print types for your standees?

We offer two print types – Inkjet & Eco solvent. 

Does my photo/artwork need to be high quality for printing?

Custom standees are printed to create a life size display from an image or graphic. The photo or artwork should be of high quality for printing i.e. 300 dpi or higher. 

Are standees more appropriate for certain industries?

Personalized and custom standees are suitable for any industry and are mostly used for presentations at events and entertainment venues, and for promotions in movie theaters, automotive, retail stores, restaurants, cafes and other commercial spots. Visit our gallery of custom designed standees and browse here only at

What is the minimum order quantity we can order for custom printed standees?

The minimum order for custom printed standees is of 1 unit and a maximum of 25 units for a quick order. To order more units you will require a quote which you can get from our website Be it of any custom quantity, you can always order in bulk quantity on your special order.



At we provide you with the best quality customized standee printing online in various shapes and designs at reasonable prices only for you. So hurry and visit our website or mail us at [email protected] or contact us on 011-35992430.