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Courier Export EMS EMS details EMS is a service that China Post Express Logistics and various countries (regions) post mail set up a cooperation to deliver express mail (EMS) between Chinese mainland and other countries, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. It can deliver all kinds of documents and materials, such as international emergency letters, documents, materials, financial bills, merchandise samples, and provide various forms. Mail tracking query service. In addition, China Post Express Logistics also provides a series of comprehensive extended services such as packaging, customs declaration and insurance. The business enjoys priority in postal, customs, aviation and other departments of various countries (regions). Advantage 1. Compared with DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc.), EMS has absolute price advantage; 2. Convenient, EMS can reach all parts of the world, as long as there is a post office can be delivered (except for a few countries and regions); 3. It is safe, low risk of lost, and can be tracked in the whole process. After the parcel is handed over to our company for processing, it can be queried and tracked on our logistics website, and it can be tracked in the whole process on China Post website. Transit time Normally around 3~8 days pls double check based on different destination and different time Piece weight limit Piece weight limit锛?0kgs For fragile or liquid articles, the weight limit is 10kg; the length of letters shall not be less than 324mm and the width shall not be less than 229mm. Documents and materials can be wrapped in more than two layers of tough kraft paper or packed in tough bags or wall bags. The thickness shall not exceed 100 mm, the length shall not be less than 215 mm and the width shall not be less than 130 mm. Article category: paper packaging box, the length is not allowed to exceed 1500 mm, the total length and the maximum outside length is not more than 3000 mm. When special items need to be packaged in round roll shape, the length shall not be less than 300 mm and the diameter shall not be less than 60 mm. The total length and diameter of 2 times shall not exceed 1500 mm. Restricted items All goods that cannot be mailed or restricted according to the international aviation terms, such as dangerous goods, powder, liquid, inflammable and explosive goods, as well as tobacco and alcohol, cash and securities, infringing products, etc. Indemnity / insurance Based on a voluntary basis, when choosing this service, the shipper should confirm that the declared value is consistent with the actual value of the inner parts of each order of goods, and insurance cost charged according to the cooperation agreement with the customer. Compensation standard: 1. Based on insurance bought 2. Loss and damage of letters and materials: RMB 400 per piece.Courier Export website:


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