Cloud based ecommerce solutions

When was the last time you physically examined a product before restocking it with plans to later make an online purchase? Have you recently started making purchases on your phone or tablet for grocery and home goods? Convenience is the primary feature that has contributed to online shopping’s popularity over brick and mortar retail for a multitude of reasons.


Retailers now have a huge potential to expand their online presence and business in order to boost sales and growth as a result of the movement in customer buying preferences from in-store to online. E-commerce has benefited greatly from cloud computing technologies during this transformation in many different ways. Businesses should carefully consider how cloud computing might save them both money and time as they strive to develop or expand their cloud based ecommerce solutions.


Thanks to cloud hosting, you may grow your online presence as quickly as your business. The scalability of the cloud fully satisfies the needs of the retail sector. If you increase the number of servers on your own or collect money to grow your IT infrastructure, your expansion will be slowed down.

Our collaboration with the online retailer Building Materials Online is a prime example (CMO). They were running three different websites on several servers, therefore they had to integrate and host their ecommerce cloud solutions in the cloud to allow for their expansion.



Increased traffic to your e-commerce site is always a result of new advertising campaigns or the launch of a new product. The power of cloud hosting provides better stability for online purchasing. Put your IT infrastructure in state-of-the-art data centres for peace of mind and to be ready for those traffic peaks.

We helped the online retailer GardenSite stabilise their website so that it could withstand the increased traffic caused by a new television ad they intended to show.


For any internet store, those are worrying figures! Fortunately, if your e-commerce site is hosted on a solid cloud platform, you will benefit from speeds that no on-site infrastructure could ensure. Your business will see a rise in sales as a result of a reliable e-commerce site.



For SMBs just beginning to build their internet presence and reputation, cloud computing offers huge cost savings. Because you only pay for what you actually use and need with cloud hosting, profits may be reinvested in creative ways to grow your business.



Trust is the cornerstone of the e-commerce paradigm. Consumers rely on you to accurately describe the goods and to safely transmit sensitive information such as their credit card number and other personally identifiable information (PII).


Hosting that is PCI-DSS certified is something that cloud computing can provide with GDPR in place. Moreover, DDoS attacks can be avoided with cloud technologies, which promise to offer greater security measures and cause users to lose faith in the dependability of your website.


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