Chunfang has a rest

“Sister Yun.” Xi Daomao followed Xi Xuan with a cry. Xie Daoyun looked at him with a smile and said, “Ah Yu is really good.” Pointing to the boy, she said, “This is my younger brother, who is older than you. You should call him brother.” “Brother Ah Yu.” He Daomao gave a soft and glutinous cry. Curiously, Ah Yu looked at the girl, who was as pink as jade, and called out, “Sister Ah Yu.” Mrs. Wei said to Xie Daoyun, “You can take Ah Yu and Ah Yu to the garden to play. There are many children in the garden.”! It’s boring to keep these two children here with us. “No.” Xie Daoyun pulled a child to the garden with a smile. Shall we go to play on the swing? Out of the living room, Xie Daoyun bowed his head and asked the two children. Kui Daomao nodded his head without any objection. He curled his lips slightly and said, “What’s so funny about the swing? It’ll mess up your hair and clothes. You might as well go to the pavilion to enjoy the flowers!” When he heard this, he opened his mouth slightly and looked at him strangely. This child really pays attention to his appearance! When Xie Daoyun heard his brother’s words, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly. After a while, he said, “All right!”! Let’s go to enjoy the flowers! Is Ah Yu going? “Go.” She nodded hurriedly. She didn’t have much fun. If she didn’t like to play on the swing, it would be better to play with static things. She was also afraid of messing up her hair and clothes. When Xie Daoyun saw this, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “Ah Yu is really good,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and she’s really sweet!” As she spoke, she looked at her younger brother with some anger. As a result, Xie Daoyun was stunned. After that, she looked at Ah Yu with a dumbfounding face. It turned out that he did not pay any attention to Xie Daoyun at all, but straightened his chest and walked lightly in front of him, holding a small feather fan in his hand. Fine! If this walking appearance is pressed on an adult man, it is estimated that the effect is very good,ultrasonic spray nozzle, but now it is pressed on a five-year-old child like this, which is really funny! He almost burst out laughing. This child is not a daffodil, is it? He Daomao was really a little curious at this time. He didn’t know what the name of this man was? Could he also be a famous person in history? In fact, it is good to travel through ancient times, at least to see some famous people, such as Wang Xizhi, Mrs. Wei, Xie Daoyun and so on, but also to get a lot of good goods from celebrities, such as she took away a lot of authentic works signed by Wang Xizhi and Mrs. Wei, although it is only some practice stickers, but mosquitoes are small and meat. If she was short of money in the future, just selling those authentic works would make her have no worries about food and clothing for a lifetime! Little Zhengtai Saves Little Lolita “Sister, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, sister.” A soft call, “Huh?” Kui Daomao turned around and saw Wang Xianzhi lying on the ground and calling her secretly. She was taken aback and asked in a low voice, “Guan Nu, why are you here?” Shouldn’t he be with his uncle? Sister, where did you go just now? I went to the garden to look for you, but I couldn’t find you. Wang Xianzhi complained. I just went to the pavilion to play black and white Renju (Gobang) with my sister and brother. He Daomao said. No wonder Wang Xianzhi curled his lips and said to him, “Sister, it’s so boring here. Let’s go out and play.” “Go out to play?” He Daomao looked around at the people who were watching the singing and dancing performances with relish and said hesitantly, “This is not good.” “What’s wrong with that?”! I’m tired of watching these songs and dances. Wang Xianzhi said disapprovingly, and then enthusiastically took Daomao’s hand, “Go!”! Sister, I’ll take you to a fun place. “I-” Kui Daomao wanted to refuse, but seeing the excited look on Wang Xianzhi’s face, he could not bear to pour cold water on him. “Is that place far away? Where is it? “Not far, just in the small courtyard to the west.” Wang Xianzhi turned around and climbed outside and said, “Sister, you will know if you follow me.” “In the small courtyard to the west?” Kui Daomao thought to himself, “Since it’s in Li Fu, it shouldn’t be a dangerous place.”. “Thinking that she, like Wang Xianzhi, lay on the ground and slowly climbed out of the living room, Wang Xianzhi was right, that song and dance show was really boring!”! After climbing out of the living room, Wang Xianzhi stood up quickly and took Xi Daomao by the hand and said, “Sister, go quickly. Don’t let the servant see you.” “Guan Nu, where are you taking me?” “If it’s a dangerous place, I won’t go,” he asked as he ran. “Not a dangerous place.” Wang Xianzhi grinned and said, “Sister, don’t you like to practice calligraphy?”? I’ll take you to a place where you can write better. “Is there such a place?” He curled his lips and said, “You’re bluffing me.” “I’m not bluffing!” Wang Xianzhi felt wronged and said, “Our family also has that place, and my father practices calligraphy in that place every day.” Kui Daomao listened to what Wang Xianzhi said in a methodical way, and could not help being doubtful. Is there a special place for practicing calligraphy? Specialized equipment? The two men ran for a long time, and he was so tired that he was out of breath. “Official-slave-what-when-can I get there?” “Soon!” Wang Xianzhi was also a little tired when he ran. Seeing that he was so tired that he was panting, he stopped hurriedly. “Sister, let me help you walk.” “No-I’ll-go myself.” He Daomao tried to breathe deeply and gently. He was so old that even a four-year-old child could not run away. It was really a shame! She secretly made up her mind to start exercising in the future. She didn’t dare to exercise before because she was afraid that her body would be damaged if she exercised too early. Now that she is four years old, she should be able to exercise slowly. The two of them walked for a while before they stopped at the gate of a small courtyard. When she saw that the gate was locked, she frowned. “Guan Nu, what is this place?” “This is the place where Shizu raised geese.” Wang Xianzhi lay down in the crack of the door and looked around, “Hey, I knew there was no one now!”! Sister,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, let’s go in. “How do you get in?” “The door is closed,” he said, glancing at the tightly closed door. 。


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