Best Study Abroad Visa Consultants

Study Abroad Visa Consultants

Phoenix Global Resettlement Services, the most trusted iimigration consultant in Bangalore, India since 2002, has been catering to the needs of candidates who try to find quality education in India or abroad. At PhoenixGRS consultancy in Bangalore, we extend guidance to all candidates or students, right from filling the applications till the final admissions.

With over 20 years of experience, we have the best study abroad consultants in Bangalore. It is a fact that universities abroad conduct a holistic review of candidates profiles. Among lakhs of courses and colleges out there, it is very difficult  for students to find or make a choice. Our expert team will help you evaluate your profile, matching it with the most suitable university of your choice.

In today’s competitive world, only good test scores are not enough to enter your dream university. A powerful profile, well-thought list of universities, a top essay, relevant letter of recommendations, an SOP and a positive interview preparation is what you need to drive you through.

PhoenixGRS as a best Australia study visa consultant in Bangalore has a unique algorithm takes into account most of the factors like your aptitude, finances, etc. thus taking care of all issues by connecting you with education loan providers, getting appropriate scholarships etc.,

We make sure that your profile stands great among lakhs of other applicants as PhoenixGRS is a best Australia, USA and Canada Study Abroad visa consultant.

6 REASONS Why You Must Join PhoenixGRS 

  1. Track Record

Successful thousands of admits at universities across the globe

  1. Expert Team

A good attention by a team experts, editors and counsellors

  1. Application Review

Our team of experts will evaluate your application

  1. University Shortlists

Helps you find shortlists to find your best suite

  1. Interview Training

A expert training on mock interviews: one-on-one, informative, and evaluative

  1. Pre-departure Orientation

The value-added services to the clients

Benefits of studying Abroad

      1. See the World

The biggest reason for the study abroad program is the great opportunity to see the world . By studying abroad, you will experience the country’s style, culture, food habits, languages, customs and activities. 

       2. Education

Another benefit of studying abroad is the chance to experience various styles of education. 

       3. New Culture

Many students who opt to study abroad are leaving their home and home country for the first time. When you choose to study abroad you will find new food habits, different customs, and traditions, and a good social atmosphere.

       4. Improves Language Skills

If you are planning to study abroad, one of the major benefits is to study a foreign language. It helps you to completely immerse yourself in a new language.

       5. Career Opportunities

When you complete your program of study abroad and return to your home country, you will return with a new culture, language proficiency, a great education etc,. All of these are very helpful in your future employment.

       6. Life Experience

For most of the students, this time will be the greatest  opportunity they ever get to travel abroad for a longer period of time. At the end you will find a good job and a better career opportunity. Studying abroad may turn out to be the lifetime opportunity.


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