Anupama Star Plus

Anupamaa on StarPlus is one of the most popular TV programmes right now. The show’s popularity is growing every single day, and it is obvious that the audience cannot get enough of it. Despite the show’s popularity among viewers, the plot has undergone a recent change. 

Anupama Star Plus

The creators are including a Bollywood celebrity in the plot to elevate Anupama’s legacy. According to a source speaking about the subject, “A big Bollywood celebrity will soon Anupama. The audience will undoubtedly be extremely excited about this significant addition, which will boost the show’s TRP. The biggest show on TV will feature one of the legends of the entertainment business and a Padmashree award winner. 



So, the time to speculate about which celebrity will be featured in the show is now. Anupama, a StarPlus programme, has achieved great success and has received consistent acclaim from viewers. 

Anupama Full Episodes

Anupama is a drama series in the Hindi language that airs on StarPlus. The show, which is produced by Rajan and Deepa Shahi under the name Director’s Kut Productions, airs on StarPlus at 10 PM.


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