A flowery day

Dingguo Gongfu and Ye Fu are both in the south of the city, where dignitaries and high-ranking officials live together, so there are not many lively places to pass by, and naturally there are not many lively and beautiful places. Ruhua’s line of sight turned to Lin Wuyu, the new guard who was riding on a horse. Lin Wuyu, Lin Wuyu, who gave this name? She thought she was a kung fu girl. Looking at him with a serious face, she could not help thinking of the introduction made by Dingguo Gong when he gave him to herself. Lin Wuyu was trained by Guogongfu. That is to say, people often hear that the rich and powerful families pick out the children with good qualifications from the orphans. After special skills training, they are trained to become the people who work for the family. And although Ding Guogong introduced the word “skill” very vaguely, Ruhua understood what he meant. Nine times out of ten, this “skill” refers to the skill of killing people. I heard that the best killer can be the best bodyguard, but I don’t know if that’s what it means. Who cares about him? Who cares about who he is? What does he do when he comes to his side? A white bodyguard doesn’t want white. I believe that Dingguo Gongfu has no reason to kill himself,sonicator homogenizer, at least not now. Then at least now you can rest assured that your life is a little more secure. The sedan chair was lifted smoothly, at least not as bumpy as the carriage. That kind of gentle swing. Began to make her sleepy again. Just as she yawned and her eyelids were a little heavy, she heard a voice: “Quick, go and inform the Second Master and the Second Lady.”. The young lady went home. I don’t know who said this sentence, so that Ruhua suddenly became in high spirits from the hazy state of half-asleep and half-awake. As soon as the sedan chair fell to the ground, she rushed out of it without waiting for the red pistils and the green pomelos to make the curtain for her. Then nothing to say in the morning and evening Fengyuan walked quickly,ultrasonic dispersion machine, leaving the voice of Hongrui far behind. Well, listen to what I just said. Now there are not only beautiful women at home, but I didn’t expect that my father would be at home at this time. Is it difficult to wait for their own? Ruhua thought proudly. Like a gust of wind, Ruhua blew from the side door to the Late Maple Garden and stopped in a hurry outside the main house of the Late Maple Garden. Ah. The young lady is back. Mo Ling is like a flower at first sight. He hurried to help her open the door curtain. At first glance, it was the beauty’s mother who made a special trip to let her stay here and wait for her own place. It seems that I am afraid of being close to my hometown. Ruhua reached out to hold the door frame. Be careful to step through the door. More than three years. I haven’t been in this room for more than three years. Flowers. I’m back. A familiar and strange male voice came from the front. The man who spoke still looked so young. The short whiskers on his lips made his face, which looked like his own, look less flirtatious than it used to be. In addition, three years of years can not find too many traces on him. It just adds a little maturity to him. Dressed in a silver-gray gown at home, he showed a refined temperament. At this time, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, he was looking at his daughter, whom he had never seen before, with a joyful look from his heart and his wife beside him. Ruhua suppressed her inner excitement. Steadily approached them. Smiling, he solemnly saluted the excellent couple: “Hua’er has seen her father and mother.” “You girl.”. I still like to make trouble. Why haven’t you seen me for a few days. He became so polite. The beautiful mother looked at her seriously like a flower. Jokingly, he pulled her to his side and said with a smile, “I didn’t expect you to stay at my grandfather’s house for a few days.”. You can make this girl so sensible. It seems that you will often live in that house in the future. As soon as Ruhua heard that she wanted to go to Dingguo’s mansion for a short stay, she didn’t care whether the beauty’s mother was joking or not. “No, mother,” she said hurriedly. “It’s not easy for the flower to go home from the mountain. I still want to be filial to my parents in the future, but I don’t want to leave home and go anywhere else. “I said, I thought these three year on that mountain had tempered your mischievous temper.”. I didn’t expect that after only a few words, your nature would be revealed. It turned out that the lady at that end was faking it. The evil father also laughed. “Dad” Ruhua walked from the other side of the beauty’s mother to the middle of them, holding the beauty’s mother in one hand and the old man’s arm in the other. With a happy face, she said, “It’s good to be home.” Listening to her daughter’s sincere words, the beauty’s mother remembered the days of separation in the past few years, and could not help feeling sad again. In more than three years, I have only seen her three times. She was such a small child that she left her parents and lived a hard life on the mountain like a lifetime ago. I don’t know if she cried when she was homesick. She had met Juner once a year, but she hadn’t seen her husband and Ronger in the past few years. Thinking of these, she took Ruhua into her arms again. Tears flowed down again, and the flowery father and daughter were at a loss. Smelling the fragrance of the beauty’s mother, feeling the warmth of the beauty’s mother’s bosom, such as flowers once again really feel that this time is no longer a dream, but really go home. Xuaner, it’s not easy for your daughter to come back. This is a great good thing. Why are you crying again? The old man patted his wife on the back with one hand and said helplessly, “Although I haven’t seen her for many years, isn’t the flower growing up well?”? Looking at the world, whose child is more blessed than Hua’er and can worship such a master. Although this made the flowers leave us for many years, but now our family is reunited again. And now that she has grown into such a great beauty, I think I must follow you when you take her out. “What kind of nonsense is that?” The beautiful mother wiped her tears. My wife is beautiful enough. Every time she goes out for her husband, she is not at ease. She is afraid that someone who doesn’t want to have eyes will provoke you. But now that you have such a beautiful daughter, if you go out together in the future,ultrasonic metal welding, two beauties of this size, you can’t guarantee that those wild bees and butterflies will take risks. Dad looked like he hated it very much. You are a disrespectful old man, and you talk such nonsense in front of your own daughter. I’m not afraid to make people laugh. The beautiful woman laughed and gave her husband a light hammer with her hand. fycgsonic.com


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