4 Advantages For YouTube Paid Promotion

1. Expand Your Global Audience

One of the main advantages of using YouTube for business is this. By regularly producing video content, you can attract new customers who otherwise wouldn’t find your company. Even if you just know one language, you may access a global audience through YouTube paid promotion. Being a native English speaker gives you an advantage since without the ability to write or create top-notch content, it’s tough to reach the massive English-speaking markets (30% of all YouTube views). Additionally, by catering to people with various requirements, including closed-captions on your videos will allow you to attract new audiences.

According to recent research, videos with closed captions get 4% more subscribers and views than those without.

Fun fact: 80% of viewers who prefer closed subtitles on videos do not have hearing problems.

Additionally, it’s essential to provide various call-to-actions with annotations that lead to:

  • Other videos

  • on your website’s content

  • email series auto-responders

  • offered goods and services

2. Expand Your YouTube Email List

The potential to grow your email list as you keep producing worthwhile, interesting content is another advantage of using YouTube for business. Make use of software that enables you to insert your registration form right into YouTube videos for YouTube paid promotion. . A video can be temporarily paused so that a viewer can sign up for your mailing list and enter their email address before continuing.

This method makes it simpler than ever to develop your email list while delivering captivating video content that your audience will enjoy.

Your audience will recommend you and make purchases from you.

Adding a human touch to your videos can enhance conversions. People buy from people they trust, and you develop that trust by connecting with them emotionally.

According to recent research, for general businesses and professional services, bringing people to a landing page with a video of a company representative describing the good or service can significantly improve your list of leads and sales.

Want to maximise the benefits of YouTube for your company? We highly suggest this excellent Udemy course. Create a channel, boost views, and do a lot more: YouTube Masterclass: The Ultimate YouTube Guide

3. Use AdWords for Video to Aim for Your Audience

You may advertise on videos that your audience is more likely to watch and search for using Google AdWords for Video to gain laser-focused access to them. The fact that you only pay for engaged views is by far AdWords for Video’s greatest benefit. When a viewer looks at your advertisement for at least 30 seconds, you have an engaged view. In other words, you won’t be charged if your video ad is skipped. Look at how Rokenbok’s video advertising campaign led to 50% of the company’s consumers coming from YouTube.

The possibility of expanding your audience through “earned views” is the main advantage of AdWords for Video.

These views, which are gratuitous, come from those who decide to watch your video ad and subsequently watch one or more videos on your YouTube channel within a week.

A person is far more likely to subscribe to your YouTube channel after seeing 2-4 of your videos.

4. Earn income from AdSense for Video

Regularly producing videos gives you the chance to use Google’s AdSense for Video programme to make some money from your videos.

Fancy facts

  • Simply by making YouTube videos, more than a million content producers from 30 different nations get money.

  • Numerous networks earn six figures annually.

You may also profit from your video advertising by combining Google AdWords and AdSense for Video.

It operates as follows:

1) A viewer clicks on your video ad after seeing it in another video.

2) Your campaign money is used to pay for that click.

3) The viewer continues to watch your video while also seeing the advertisements from other content creators that have been approved to appear on it. (Can be turned off)

4) You receive 68% of the advertising revenue when a viewer clicks or watches those adverts.

As a result, you may conduct AdWords campaigns for your videos and earn money by letting other people place advertisements on them.

As you can see, there are many ways that YouTube may help you develop your audience and your business.


YouTube will prove to be a valuable addition to grow if you take the time to master the platform’s key components.


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